Week 6: 3rd Post-Op & Transition to FWB

Hi everyone!
Another Friday, another doctor’s appointment.
Week 5 Updates: Nothing major!
Got into the swing of things for my NWB PT appointments. Each appointment starts with manual therapy and stretching by my PT for about 20-30 minutes (I think our chatting makes it go a little slower but it’s super comfortable so I’m in no rush). Been [...]

Week 4: First Physical Therapy Appointment

Hi everyone, happy FriYay!
This is the first post I’ve ever done on time! As I said last post, I was cleared to start some passive physical therapy this week until I transition into more active treatment when I’m out of NWB in 2 weeks. I found a small PT office close to my house with [...]

Week 3: 2nd Post-Op

Hi Everyone!
I don’t have that much to update from Week 2. My constant googling has contributed to my ever growing list of pro athlete ATRs (and their comebacks, if any) and I recently added John Wall (Go Wizards!) and Misty May-Treanor, who went on to win gold at the 2012 London Olympics after her 2008 [...]

Week 1: First Post-Op Appointment

It’s been one week since my surgery and I’ll be switching from the splint they put on after surgery, back into my boot at this first post-op. I’ll be honest and say my showers this last week were…infrequent to say the least. I used a trash bag, a shower chair, and some tape to protect [...]

Week 0: Surgery + Recovery

Hi everyone!
Sorry about the unintentional hiatus, I’ve been keeping notes together but have neglected writing my full posts until now. Going back to describe surgery that happened Aug. 13.
My surgery was exactly 2 weeks after my ATR due to schedule conflicts (my orthro surgeon said 2 weeks is the longest anyone should wait after the [...]

Injury + Pre-Op

Hi everyone!
I’m Vicky and ever since I ruptured my achilles a couple weeks ago, I’ve been reading through this website for info, advice, reassurance before I finally decided to start my own! I’m extremely talkative and overly-detailed so I hope my oversharing and long posts don’t overwhelm or tragically bore whoever comes across this.
About Me
I’m [...]

Hello world!

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