Week 1: First Post-Op Appointment

It’s been one week since my surgery and I’ll be switching from the splint they put on after surgery, back into my boot at this first post-op. I’ll be honest and say my showers this last week were…infrequent to say the least. I used a trash bag, a shower chair, and some tape to protect my splint and switched to bucket bathing in my tub. I highly recommend this instead of a regular shower for this injury, it offers so much more control and you don’t feel like you’re getting drowned by the shower stream with the chair sitting directly in its path. I wish I had figured this out before my first shower in the chair.

With surgery last Thursday, by Monday, my pain was down to a 2 or 3/10 and Tuesday, it was basically down to 0. I was back to moving around normally with my crutches and my parents decided to buy me this knee scooter to use around the kitchen downstairs (I was driving my mom crazy dragging our chairs across the floor to take some weight off). A couple friends came to visit me (physically distanced on the porch of course) so I haven’t been completely out of contact with the outside world. With my combination of crutches, scooter, and strategic hopping, I’ve figured out a “normal” routine that will get me through the next couple weeks of NWB.

My post-op appointment was brief and anti-climactic but it gave me a better sense of what to expect in the upcoming weeks. My doctor said that the surgery was smooth with no complications and there was very little bleeding in the dressings under the splint. He didn’t specify but I’m assuming he used dissolvable stitches because there was nothing visible and nothing to remove. There are a couple small translucent strips of dressing covering the incisions which my doctor said will fall off on their own during my next showers and I’m free to let water run over my incision and even lather if I want (I don’t think I will for my first real shower). He put some gauze over the incision and an Ace bandage around my ankle to wear under the boot. He told me I’d be NWB for the next 6 weeks but he wanted me to *lightly* stretch my achilles just by sliding it along the floor with the hopes of reaching 90º by the time I see him again in 2 weeks. I am a stickler for instructions so I followed his directions to a tee.



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