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Das Boot

4 weeks 4 days and the cast is off!! I looked at my skinny leg with the wicked scar and bruised ankle and to be honest, I was shocked. I was ok to wiggle my toes per usual but the thought of moving my foot, scared me. I was fitted for the boot, which I think is set at 15 degrees. Its not the Vaco but its not the cast either. Doc told me to start trying to flex my foot once I take the boot off at nite. Ok. And I can take it off to sleep, which also scared me. But I had no issues sleeping or taking a shower. My next appt is May 9th, which will be around 8 weeks post surgery. Is there any other exercises I can try? Can I try to walk on it? I hate these crutches….doc told me on average it takes the tendon 6-8 weeks to heal? So, I guess I’m over another hurdle….good healing all…


6 Responses to “Das Boot”

  1. LOL…we can all relate to the skinny leg and wicked scar….mine is just sad. It is shocking at first. I had the cast off at 3 wks and in the Vaco for the next 4 wks. The doctor wanted me to sleep in the vaco and I tried…didn’t work out so well. I was not allowed to weight bear for 6 wks total…..everyone seems to be different on that though. The 7th week I spent walking around with crutches and boot and then I ditched boot and crutches completely.

    When I was sitting around I rotated my ankle…rotations were really small at first and I did some pointing and flexing as well….very slowly and carefully….Yep you are over another hurdle….and they keep coming…..I’m learning patience.

    congrats on the boot and happy healing!

  2. Hey Steve,
    It sounds like you are going pretty well. I didn’t catch what your doc said about walking on it, but I was walking in the boot with a cane from 3.5 to 5 wks and then ditched the cane. I also started weaning off the boot just after that. being very careful.

    Remember the longer you are non-weight bearing the weaker your tendons become. At 8 wks NWB, some studies show abt 40% reduction in tendon strength. Of course you need to let the rupture heal first, but also be careful not to wait too long.

    Janet has made fantastic progress considering she was NWB for seven wks; however, I tend to doubt that she actually waited 7 wks NWB . . . just saying : )

  3. LOL…I was WB during the 7th wk with boot on…that was my transition week….on the friday of that week I ditched the boot and walked into physio in my shoes….LOL…I did not cheat!!!!!

  4. Suthrnman - thanks for the advice. I’m 5 weeks + my surgery in a hinged boot. Can I start attempting to walk without the crutches in the boot? Will the boot protect me from re-rupture? I have been doing my doriflex 3 times a day but….i need some confidence to try and walk in the boot without crutches…

  5. My advice would be to take it easy on the dorsiflex. That will come with time. However, as far as walking in the boot w/o crutches, I felt very confident walking in the boot early.

    At five weeks I began to adjust the boot angle from 30 degrees (or 3 cm) to 2 cm or less, FWB. I also began walking in shoes or boots shortly thereafter. My shoes have a 1-2 cm heel, so I was not necessarily able to dorsiflex to neutral when I began using shoes. I would always take care to strap on the boot when I went outside to do chores and felt pretty protected against re-rupture. However, no guarantees on the re-rupture thing . . . a small percentage of folks just have bad luck on that.

    I was more concerned about over-stretching the Achilles than actually rupturing it. Some attribute early over-stretching to an elongated healing of the tendon.

  6. Ok, I’m trying it. I’m having alittle tightness in the achilles area…i assume this is common? And, if I press down on my foot a pain shoots up my leg…i assume this is very common also? i think i’m just trying to walk too fast and my boot is set at -15, i think…

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