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    • Name: sadams
      Location: Romeo
      Injured during: Soccer
      Which Leg: L
      Status: 2-Shoes

      638 wks  3 days Post-ATR
      637 wks  4 days
         Since start of treatment
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    • sadams has completed the grueling 26.2 ATR miles to full recovery!
      Goal: 365 days from the surgery date.
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9 weeks 1 day post surgery

Hello all….I had my first real physio appt yesterday and it went great. I did the whirlpool, had the tendon massaged, 10 min on the eliptical, 10 on the little trampoline, without issue. He had me use other things to help my balance, which I did without pain. I do have some tightness in the tendon but I’m supposed to stretch throughout the day to help it. I still have swelling in the leg but I’ve been trying to elevate for 40 min or so nightly, and its working. I did swim for the first time on Monday and will be playing golf today!!! The only thing I cant do is run. I’m very excited….to say the least. This injury scared the hell out of me but with time and patience, I think I’m on the right track…..good healing to all.

Das Boot

4 weeks 4 days and the cast is off!! I looked at my skinny leg with the wicked scar and bruised ankle and to be honest, I was shocked. I was ok to wiggle my toes per usual but the thought of moving my foot, scared me. I was fitted for the boot, which I think is set at 15 degrees. Its not the Vaco but its not the cast either. Doc told me to start trying to flex my foot once I take the boot off at nite. Ok. And I can take it off to sleep, which also scared me. But I had no issues sleeping or taking a shower. My next appt is May 9th, which will be around 8 weeks post surgery. Is there any other exercises I can try? Can I try to walk on it? I hate these crutches….doc told me on average it takes the tendon 6-8 weeks to heal? So, I guess I’m over another hurdle….good healing all…



2nd game into my soccer comeback (20+ years since college) and I totally rupture my left AT. I thought someone had kicked me in the calf but once I stopped rolling around on the ground was told that no one was around me. Hmmmm, I knew what happened. I had just talked to my brother who said he ‘retired’ from over 40 soccer because he was afraid of rupturing his AT…..nice! So, today marks 2 weeks since my surgery. I am looking forward to see what challenges lie ahead for me in this recovery. I have never had surgery so this was a new experience. I’m extremely active, I love to run and compete in sprint tri’s…which I understand I wont be doing for a long time. I guess it was time for me to slow down……My family leaves for Disney in 5 days and I had to cancel. Oh well….I’m set to see the doc on 4/14, he said he might get me into a boot and wants me to start ankle exercises…cant wait!!

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