First two weeks after

I was prescribed dilaudid (hydromorphone) for pain, but the pills made me woozy and I stopped them after two days. For some reason, Tylenol doesn’t do much for me, but in any case, there was no pain, just a throb down there. Although I left the surgery with crutches, the best thing that happened to me was that my son-in-law borrowed a Drive knee scooter for me. That made all the difference, and the single best piece of advice I could give is to rent a knee scooter. Not only mobility but also confidence are much better than with crutches.

After four days I went in to have the splint changed. The new one caused excessive paresthesia, so two days later a was re-splinted. That helped, but still the pins-n-needles and burning sensation on the skin kept me awake. The doctor said it was pressure from swelling into the splint that caused it. More on this problem later.

After two weeks Dr. Asherman felt the healing was coming along well and I was put into a bright blue fiberglass cast for the next two weeks. Of course, during this time I was not to put any weight at all on the foot, and I didn’t, except for one fall with the crutches that hurt, but seemed not to leave any lasting problem.

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