Cast to boot

So far, all of my entries have been in the past tense, because I started my blog so late: sorry! Anyway, the two weeks of the cast passed, as I tore around on my scooter, using the crutches only for outdoors (we are rural here in Maine). Two weeks after the cast went on, the surgeon pronounced the long scar “awesome” and I was soon in a Bledsoe boot,with two wedges, permitted to put “10 or 15 pounds” on the boot. It didn’t take long to realize that walking with the boot and crutches was great. I touched the boot for balance, swung out on the crutches, and kept up a good safe pace. A nice benefit: when the technician cut away my cast, he put three velcro strips on the bottom half so that I can wear it for protection at night during the first two weeks in the boot.

I am rubbing Mederma into the scar several times a day, working my foot up and down (not past neutral) and getting my exercise. It is pleasant to air out the foot. I have also been giving it epsom salt baths, which provide some magnesium, in case lack of that was a factor in the paresthesia. Things are looking up. Since it was my left foot that was operated on, I can drive my automatic car all over the place. That, and walks in the New England autumn, make life a lot easier to bear than it was a month ago. PT starts in a week, and then I can also take out one of the wedges.

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  1. On October 30, 2013 at 5:17 pm kellygirl Said:

    Sounds like the worst part is over. Welcome to Weight Bearing :) Enjoy!