13 weeks out

So they put back into a boot for a month after a partial rerupture after week 8. I hope to be out of it by mid Feb. I still cannot raise my heel off the floor. I hope I didn’t waste a month and have to redo the surgery.How long did you take until you [...]

Week #12

Went to the Doc yesterday. He said everything looked good. I was walking in two shoes and doing PT. Then I asked about the indent in my heal. He said you pull your tendon partially apart and it is not 100 % together. Go back in the boot for 1 month with no PT and [...]

Week 8

Ok I am on week 8 !!! Out of everything but shoes. Walking a mile a day and took a shower standing on both feet today !!!! PT is real fun !!!! Have a great Holiday and keep plugging along !!!!

5 weeks

Done with cast after 4 weeks now in boot for 2 weeks. Walking with a walker with 50% weight on my injured foot. Then lots of PT. This is not fun but I guess it is life in the fast or now slow lane for awhile.

Achilles Tendon rupture

While playing Pickleball on August 16th in Park City, UT I heard what I thought was a dropped racket or my partner hit me in the leg. Then I took one step and that ended the game and we were ahead !!! I went to Urgent Care and the doc said I pulled a tendon [...]

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