13 weeks out

So they put back into a boot for a month after a partial rerupture after week 8. I hope to be out of it by mid Feb. I still cannot raise my heel off the floor. I hope I didn’t waste a month and have to redo the surgery.How long did you take until you could raise your heel off the floor ? This is the pits !!!!

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  1. Sorry to hear about that. I had a partial re-tear after week 4 and went back to NWB at 30 degrees for 2 weeks than back to PWB and have been at 10 degrees this past week w/ no issues.

    I just did some seated heel raises with no issue (pain).

    I read a study from 2008 about high dose vitamin c helping with achilles rehab on rats. I’ve been taking 1000mg per day extra for about 3 weeks now and my progress has been quite good. Not sure if that’s helping also just re-read it and its once every 2 days i’ve been doing daily oops lol

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