Week #12

Went to the Doc yesterday. He said everything looked good. I was walking in two shoes and doing PT. Then I asked about the indent in my heal. He said you pull your tendon partially apart and it is not 100 % together. Go back in the boot for 1 month with no PT and no walking in 2 shoes. I am going to get an MRI to see what damage was done. I guess I was too aggressive with my rehab. I could not get on my toes on the foot that was operated on. I was 3 weeks ahead of schedule now I am 6 weeks behind schedule. I hope I don’t need surgery again. Does anyone know if this will heal back after another month in a boot ? This sucks !!!!

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  1. Ugh…I’ve been waffling on non-op vs op for my partial rerupture but I don’t think an MRI is going to be conclusive unless it’s a clean tear/full one (based on my experience and convos with my OS)

    My personality is not one that allows for what ifs and uncertainty so the conservative approach would not suit me plus if it doesn’t heel properly I worry about surgery down the road which would be more complex than this one and starting all over again at that point.

    Did you feel anything? Pop/tear etc? Pain, swelling?

    There are so many variables to this, I know of one person who non-op’d on rupture and rerupture but this appears to not be the norm. Most reruptures on here went with surgery the 2nd time, relatively quickly.

    For me the choice is take the more immediate risks of surgery, but have a definitive answer. An MRI of a re-tear might not show the full extent, certainly not at my stage maybe at yours though.

    I would get the MRI done asap and see what they say.

  2. Sorry to hear, did you do anything specific where you noticed something happening? Also, I’ve understood that MRIs are notoriously difficult to interpret, even for new full ruptures, so not sure how conclusive that will be on the extent of the damage…

  3. Sabre you have had a tough time. Is this the same doctor that operated? It seems odd that he thought everything looked good and then switched to a partial re-rupture.
    I am also surprised that your PT didn’t pick the dent up and flag it as a concern.
    By “up on your toes” if you mean a single leg heel raise that is very normal at your stage, even holding full body weight on the injured foot is tough.
    Good luck with the MRI and resting- I hope you are up and walking boot free soon!

  4. I think it’s not unusual to have a remaining dent in the back of the tendon at 12 weeks. How did you feel walking in 2 shoes? Were you progressing toward a proper stride, with a push-off at the end, or did it seem hopeless?

    I agree that MRIs seem very subjective…

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