13 weeks out

So they put back into a boot for a month after a partial rerupture after week 8. I hope to be out of it by mid Feb. I still cannot raise my heel off the floor. I hope I didn’t waste a month and have to redo the surgery.How long did you take until you could raise your heel off the floor ? This is the pits !!!!

Week #12

Went to the Doc yesterday. He said everything looked good. I was walking in two shoes and doing PT. Then I asked about the indent in my heal. He said you pull your tendon partially apart and it is not 100 % together. Go back in the boot for 1 month with no PT and no walking in 2 shoes. I am going to get an MRI to see what damage was done. I guess I was too aggressive with my rehab. I could not get on my toes on the foot that was operated on. I was 3 weeks ahead of schedule now I am 6 weeks behind schedule. I hope I don’t need surgery again. Does anyone know if this will heal back after another month in a boot ? This sucks !!!!

Week 8

Ok I am on week 8 !!! Out of everything but shoes. Walking a mile a day and took a shower standing on both feet today !!!! PT is real fun !!!! Have a great Holiday and keep plugging along !!!!

5 weeks

Done with cast after 4 weeks now in boot for 2 weeks. Walking with a walker with 50% weight on my injured foot. Then lots of PT. This is not fun but I guess it is life in the fast or now slow lane for awhile.

Achilles Tendon rupture

While playing Pickleball on August 16th in Park City, UT I heard what I thought was a dropped racket or my partner hit me in the leg. Then I took one step and that ended the game and we were ahead !!! I went to Urgent Care and the doc said I pulled a tendon on the side of my foot and I should be ok in 5 to 10 days. Just ice it and treat it like a sprain. He did not take an xray or MRI. I did what he said and did not have much pain. After 2 weeks we returned to our home in Tucson and played golf a couple of times. Then went to Seattle and did a bunch of hiking from 2 to 3 miles a day for 4 days. Then off to Boston then home. I was a bit gimpy but not much pain and could not get up on my left toe. I still had some swelling so I went to a ankle doctor. He did an xray then said I should have an MRI. He suspected an ruptured Achilles. When the MRI came back it verified that I ruptured my Achilles and it had a .75 inch gap and should get it operated on ASAP. I wanted a second and third opinion so I went to another doctor, all foot surgeons, and he said I had a bad front foot and need reconstructive surgery before I had my Achilles fixed. He ordered a CT scan and by the time I had the scan and made another appointment it would of been 3 weeks. I went to another surgeon and he recommended that I go to PT for 5 weeks then come back for further evaluation. Now it is 2 and a half months since the rupture and it is getting to a point of no return. One of my friends suggested the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix so I booked an appointment and headed to Palm Desert for some golf for 4 days. Played golf twice then headed to Mayo. I saw the doctor and in 20 minutes he said you need Achilles surgery ASAP and we can do it Friday. This was Tuesday. He stated it was too late to do the nonsurgical way of fixing it. He said the front of the foot could wait since it has never hurt for 30 years and I could walk fine. So I got operated on Friday Oct 31st 3 days after my appointment. It has been a little over a week and I am doing ok. I have never had surgery or been in a hospital except to be born. Now I have to go up to the Mayo Clinic for 7 weeks to get my cast changed to start elevating my foot back to 90 degrees. It is going to be a long 6 months before I am able to play golf or go hiking or ? The Mayo Clinic is an amazing place ! Everyone there are super !!!! Even the food is good !!! So the morale of my first blog is get a second and maybe a 3rd or 4th opinion. If I waited I probably would of never walked again the right way. Stay tuned for the continuing saga and rehab !!! PS My rupture ended up being 2 inches instead of the .75 because of the length of time I waited.

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