6 months Post-op

6 months post-op this Saturday, and I have been making steady progress.
I have been playing a lot of tennis lately. I feel like I can do anything: run, jump, sprint to get to balls. I have a good push off on my left leg, and can jump off the ground when I am serving.
I did [...]

5 Month Anniversary - Week 22

Today is my 5 month anniversary. Things have been steadily improving, and I am happy with my progress so far.
I have been running every other day since week 19 (outdoors and on the TM). My running gait is better, striking with mid-foot, and it’s 95% close to normal. Yesterday I clocked 27:35 min for a [...]

4 Month Anniversary - Week 18

Today was my 4 month post-op anniversary so as a gift to myself, I decided to attempt to run a 10 minute mile on the treadmill.
When I saw the display time at 10:05 as I completed the first mile, I wasn’t completely happy, so I decided to go for another mile and pick up my pace.
When [...]

Week 16: Hopping

This is a summary of what I have been doing lately.
I felt confident enough to be on the court hitting balls the day after I got off my boot for an hour (yes, I’m a junkie, but don’t ¬†recommend anyone doing this).
Since then, I have gone from once a week to hitting almost every day [...]

Week 15

I just wanted to add an update. Nothing super exciting going on.
Since I quit going to the therapist, I have been doing all work on my own and relying on this site for information.
Since it’s been getting warmer, and we have had some beautiful days lately, I have been “hitting” more outside. In additional to [...]

Week 13

Here’s my progress during week 13.
My plan now is to add 0.1 mile increases everyday on the treadmill.
Goal is to run a 10 minute mile on April 1st.
I stopped going to the therapist, but keep doing the same exercises recommended by him. I do want to go back though, mainly because of the Graston sessions.
Calf [...]

First Post

I am a 41 year old mother of 3, league tennis player, have a full time desk job where I am mostly sitting.
Never had been injured before. this is my first one, and it hit me hard.
My goal is to get back to normal as fast as I can, run a 5k at the 6 [...]

Hello world!

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When you [...]