6 months Post-op

6 months post-op this Saturday, and I have been making steady progress.

I have been playing a lot of tennis lately. I feel like I can do anything: run, jump, sprint to get to balls. I have a good push off on my left leg, and can jump off the ground when I am serving.

I did take a half an hour private tennis lesson two weeks ago, because I felt like I had totally lost my winner shots, my timing was completely off. This lesson really helped me. I will probably continue taking weekly lessons to work on my form.

I decided not to enter our 40 year old USTA 4.5+ team this season. I play at a pretty high level (best level in the area for this age group) as a singles player, and since the injury I have not played anyone at a high level to find out where I am at, and also this is a very competitive league and I would hate losing to people I used to beat. I don’t think I am ready yet. I still need maybe two months to get back to the level I was at before.

So I will keep on practicing, play some better players, and I will get back in September when the fall league starts. There is no doubt in my mind: I can get to the level where I once was, or better.

Overall everything is going great. I am stronger than ever. My 5k time is down to 26:16, but I haven’t been running much lately. Need to run more. My time before injury was around 24 minutes.

I still set goals for myself on a spreadsheet, on weekly basis, and try to follow. If I don’t get to a goal, I push it back, but I stay on it.

My Achilles still gets mildly sore at times (but no pain at all), still not normal. Still limp a bit at times after some heavy playing, and my sprint, sometimes I will make short strides if I can’t keep up. I think it will take a full year to get it back to normal. But otherwise, everything is fine and dandy.

I won’t post any more… unless something major happened, or when I feel like I have reached my ┬ápre-injury level. I really feel like this injury is behind me now!!! Thanks everyone, this website has been a God-send, and it gave me so much hope. I wish everyone a safe healing, and don’t ever give up, you can get there!

Happy healing everyone!!!

3 Responses to “6 months Post-op”

  1. Well done. Another good example that life can take a turn but still go somewhere. I doubt many people can get back to the same competitve level at 6 months so I think your plan will work out just fine. You may also learn how to play smarter instead of harder.

  2. Winners instinct, I like that;). Well done, wish you all the best!

  3. Keep it up, you know what you’re doing. Great progress.

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