5 Month Anniversary - Week 22

Today is my 5 month anniversary. Things have been steadily improving, and I am happy with my progress so far.

I have been running every other day since week 19 (outdoors and on the TM). My running gait is better, striking with mid-foot, and it’s 95% close to normal. Yesterday I clocked 27:35 min for a 5k on the treadmill.

This is a few minutes above my running time before my injury, but since I was idle for so long, and have gained a few pounds, I think it’s a decent time for now. As I keep running, I will drop the weight, and improve my aerobic fitness, so the time will drop. The greatest block right now is my lower stamina. My tendon and flexibility are fine and are not an impediment. I am also no longer afraid of re-rupturing as I was before week 19.

I have been working hard at the gym, everyday. I have added squats, dead-lifts and lunges to my strength training in the past month, with some heavier weights, and so far so good. I try to do leg work every other day.

My left leg strength is about 80% of my right leg. So far I have been training both legs at the same time, but now I am going to focus on working the single left leg more than the right, to see if I can get more strength on my left, and get the calf size to even up.

I haven’t played tennis games lately, due to being busy. Only hitting against the wall, and with a partner from the baseline. I played some games at 19 weeks, and I was able to sprint to the net to get to the short balls, and volley from the net. I am also able to run after wide balls. I am hitting the ball harder without much effort, due to my upper body strength training, so that’s one of the silver linings of the injury! I would say I am about 80% at tennis right now.

Next week I will start playing with people I was able to easily beat before my injury, then I will have more of a benchmark to base on.

The injured leg is a little thicker at the injured site, and it has a bump, but it doesn’t look bad. The swelling after heavy exercise has diminished, but it’s still there.

My left leg is still tight… I have been working and stretching so hard, and the tightness and stiffness still remains. I guess this will be a long road. By reading other blogs, it’s possible I will never get that leg to feel normal like my right leg again. All I can do is hope….

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  1. Thanks for posting, and congratulations on doing so well, S40love. Tomorrow is my 5th month day, so I guess I’ll have to make a similar write up… Jeez, the pressure! LOL

  2. Thanks for all your posts. I am really inspired. I am seeing my Dr at the 6 week post op this Tuesday and waiting for the weight bearing and physio go ahead. I have been NWB in a boot for the last 3 weeks. Hoping he tells me what I want to hear. Can’t wait to start working out and moving forward.
    Keeping my fingers crossed for positive news!

  3. Hello,
    I have a question. I am 6 months post op from AT FHL Transfer surgery. I have a arthrex screw and a arthrex suture bridge implanted in my ankle. My only complicaiton from the surgery is pain with these two implants. I was told this would go away in time, and these two implants will dissolve in time. Has anyone had any issues similar to this? Any advice? thank you

  4. mdefran23 - at the top right corner of the main page is a search the site box. Type in Arthrex and you may find more of what your are seeking from individual blogs. Many of these are gone now and will not read your message but may reply to a question on their blog if their email is still active.

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