Week 16: Hopping

This is a summary of what I have been doing lately.


I felt confident enough to be on the court hitting balls the day after I got off my boot for an hour (yes, I’m a junkie, but don’t ¬†recommend anyone doing this).

Since then, I have gone from once a week to hitting almost every day for one hour max.

I don’t go for wide shots and let the ball bounce twice if it’s short.

I avoid loading my left leg on my backhand side, so instead of my regular double handed backhand I use more slices where I load up more on the right leg, and slices are easier when you don’t have a lot of reach. Not the greatest form, but I think this satisfies my craving a little bit, and I won’t be as rusty when I get back to play real games.

Strength Training

I alternate between upper body and lower body days.

I vary exercises quite a bit, but my staple is:

On lower body day:

- Leg Press, Leg Extension, Leg curl, Glutes, Thigh abduction, Thigh adduction, seated calf raises, calf presses, and abs. My calf doesn’t ¬†hurt on the machines, only on the one where you lay on your stomach and pull your legs up (forgot the name of it, hamstring machine?).

On upper body day:

- Chest press, flies, triceps, biceps, rowing, cable pull downs, push ups, core strength (superman, pushups, kickbacks and pulls on bench, lower back), abs, obliques. I use dumbells, barbells, cable, or machine equiment.


I just found out my gym has a Step360 bouncing equipment, which is kind of like a mini trampoline. So yesterday I experimented with it for about 10 minutes, did some balancing yoga moves, and did some hops, both two legs and single leg. I can hop on both legs with no problem, but on my left leg, I can hop maybe 4 times before failing. It’s a great little thing, and I will be using it daily. I love the fact that I can hop freely and it absorbs the impact. After I got out of it, I noticed I was walking better, not limping.

After, I usually hop on the ellyptical for 20 minutes.

I think I am ready to start trying squats and lunges this week. I will ask my trainer for guidance on those.


Been streching when I can. Not too religious about it, but have been doing it about once a day. At work during boring meetings, I am standing and doing heel raises, calf stretching, etc. My coworkers have been used to me doing this, and they don’t care. They keep asking me, do you want to sit? I say, hell no, I gotta do my stretches! So I love these boring meetings now.


I asked my lovely hubby a few days ago to do the Graston massage on my heel. And yesterday he surprised me and did it by using the handle of a stainless steel butter knife. He rubbed some E vitamin oil on it, and it was great, not quite as good as the professional one, but I think it helped. I have been neglecting my scar tissue lately but he is going to do this daily on me now!

6 Responses to “Week 16: Hopping”

  1. S40Love, you are quite amazing! Hopping? Jeez…
    Playing tennis already (”only one hour” - I think I’ve heard that before, LOL)
    “Not running for long shots” is another one I’ll have to take on trust… your blogs indicate you do things, not the contrary!

    And: hopping and boppin to the Crocodile Rock, (as Elton John would say) Jeez, I got tired just reading your routines! LOL
    You ladies in this blog are really good!
    thanks for sharing!………
    Happy Healing and keep on having fun!…….. Manny

  2. Ha ha ha Manny… One hour… You know it!!! You should try the trampoline, it’s really fun!!!

  3. S40Love, you are an inspiration I get tired looking at your workout schedule its something to aim at and be envious….

    You are well on your way to challenging the William’s Sisters, cheers and best wishes… Mickey

  4. Awesome S40love, it sounds like you’re really on top of this rehab and doing great! Your post just makes me want to get out and exercise more! Addicts! :) Stuart also says that a mini-tramp is excellent rehab and he also used it to do 3 jog steps then balance for a few secs on one leg, then 3 more jog steps then balance, etc. I’m sure you’ll find a number of things to do on it. A bosu ball is also great - both sides. Check with your trainer or PT but I think it sounds like you’re ready for starting body weight squats and lunges and both will help you regain strength in hammys and glutes which is very important. Make sure to keep knees behind toes and push through heels to engage the glutes instead of quads. Good luck and keep us posted!

  5. @beanie: Thanks for your comments, I will try the bosu ball. I also want to try the eccentric exercises with the backpack that you posted a while ago. Are you still doing them? I think I am going to hold off on squats for a while, talked to my trainer, she said it’s better to ask for the doctor’s recommendation, but when I start I will follow your advice.

    @mikeyc: Thanks for the compliment. Williams sisters, wait until I get back ha ha… Have a happy and safe healing!

  6. S40love yes I am still doing the eccentric exercises. From what I’ve read these actually make the achilles stronger and healthier so I’ve added them to my general set of exercises to always do. At 12 weeks my PT had me start them with no extra weight just from tiptoes to floor. Then at 16 weeks I started them on stairs so that I stretched down lower than floor level. And from there I’ve added 2kg to a back pack as soon as I can do all the sets in a row with good form. I do them with 10kg now. Again maybe check with your PT first, but if you’re walking on tiptoes and doing single heel raises already then you should be able to start these and they will be very good for both legs. Good luck and enjoy!

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