Week 13

Here’s my progress during week 13.

My plan now is to add 0.1 mile increases everyday on the treadmill.

Goal is to run a 10 minute mile on April 1st.

I stopped going to the therapist, but keep doing the same exercises recommended by him. I do want to go back though, mainly because of the Graston sessions.

Calf still feels stiff. I wonder how long this is going to last. This whole thing goes so slow it seems like it’s never gonna heal. But I know I must be patient.

I continue working out every day, and once a week with my personal trainer. And hitting some tennis balls (no running yet).

2/26: 1 sec. left heel raise. Unlimited tip toe walking.

2/29: Ellyptical 20 min 2.14miles.

3/1: ellyptical 20 min 2.6 miles.

3/2: ellyptical 10 min 1.42 miles.

3/3: 3 sec. left heel raise.  TM walk/run 1 mile @3.3mph

Good healing, everyone!!!!!

One Response to “Week 13”

  1. S40Love, you are doing great! I’m still doing Phys Therapy twice a week, working on balance (I realize it is more a case of my becoming confident of using my tendon than of it handling the task).
    You athletes are awesome!
    Good healing!…… Manny

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