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I am a 41 year old mother of 3, league tennis player, have a full time desk job where I am mostly sitting.

Never had been injured before. this is my first one, and it hit me hard.

My goal is to get back to normal as fast as I can, run a 5k at the 6 months mark in under 30 minutes (hopefully 25-27), and return to play competitve tennis again. I am doing everything I can to reach that goal (aggressive)

I work out every day, lift weights, do the ellyptical and treadmill (no running yet). I have been lifting weights (upper body) even when I was was in a cast.

I eat healthy, started taking a daily dose of multi-vitamins, calcium, glucosamine & chondroiting supplements. I do physio exercises once or twice a day.

Here’s my progress timeline so far.

Nov. 22 Rupture. Playing tennis (doubles). Did not hear a pop, but felt the tear.

Didn’t go see the doctor right away because I was still hoping it was just a “strain”. After 3 days went to the urgent care doctor, who told me it wasn’t a rupture (so wrong!). So after 10 days of not getting any better, I went to an outpatient center specialized in orthopedics, that did an x-ray and ultrasound, and revealed the ATR. A full rupture, the tendon was hanging by a few fibers.

Week 1
Dec. 4 Surgery. Crutches. Left foot no weight bearing.

Week 2
Dec. 11: Started putting weight on left foot when walking with crutches. Still need support from crutches.
Dec. 16: Doctor appt. Removed cast and stitches. Now on boots with 2 wedges (not 4 as I had thought). Still need crutches but can put some weight on left, especially using the stairs, I can put both feet on

Week 3
Dec. 18: Injured hand, ulnar nerve pinch on the wrist, while walking with crutches, cannot turn car key or write, arms and hands are weak, stopped lifting weights.

Week 4
Dec. 26: Able to walk without crutches (Full Weight Bearing).
Dec. 28: Doctor checkup.
Dec. 31: First day of Physiotherapy scheduled.

Week 5
Jan 2: Started walking on both bare feet (no crutches) with limping. Ditched one crutch, then both.

Week 6
Jan 8: EMG hand results were normal.
Jan 11:Slept without boots.
Jan 12: Started working out again, hand feels normal again.

Week 7
Jan 18: First Wedge Removed.
Jan 21: Walked 0.25 mi

Week 8
Jan 27: Walked 1 mile with boots.

Week 9
Jan 31: Went swimming. Were 2 shoes (for just a day, without clearance from doctor).

Week 10
Feb 5: 2 Shoes (doctor cleared).

Feb 6: Started hitting some tennis balls on the court (no running or chasing balls, just staying in place).

Week 11
Feb 12: Two heel raises.
Feb 17: Going down stairs one foot on each step.

Week 12
Feb 19: 1/2 sec. left heel raise standing on single left foot. Full body weight on left leg for about 5 minutes (still trembling). Walk at 3.4 mph.
Feb 20: Walk on tip toes in shallow water.
Feb 21: Walk on tip toes on the floor (about 20 steps).

10 Responses to “First Post”

  1. S40Love, you are amazing! :-D
    Welcome to the group and tribe no one wanted to be an official member of. You certainly are taking the right steps for recovery, and I suggest you check out Bryan, Bobbie and Bonnie’s blogs, since they, and others are also “true grit” athletes. I’m sorry for everyone I forgot to mention, but we have a number of athletes that make me feel tired just by reading their routines (as you just did) LOL
    Good luck, and thanks for posting. You are going much quicker in the recovery timeline than I am, so I can only applaud your efforts! :-D………………. Manny

  2. S40love I have no doubt that your are going to reach your goal. It sounds like your recovery has gone smoothly and that you are pushing yourself in all the right ways. I am 6 months in and when I read through your progress I can see that you are following a similar path to me and able to do similar things slightly earlier than I did. I’ve struggled quite a lot with flexibility in the ankle, so it took a long time for me to get back enough flexion so that I could do sports, but once I did things just took off. If you don’t have any flexibility issues and you work hard then you could be jogging again by 16 weeks and smashing your 5km goal in 5-6 months. Once I could squat properly again I returned to crossfit (20 weeks) and now 6 weeks later I’ve entered the worldwide crossfit games open that starts this week - I never thought I’d be able to enter this year, but I can do everything again at 6 months. Good luck and all the best … you can do it! :)

  3. S40Love,
    Wow…. what an amazing path of recovery so far. You are a true testament to willpower and determination. I too love the game of tennis and actually, that’s where my injury occurred. Like you, I can’t wait to get back on the court. Also, I can’t wait to read about your continued progress. I’m sure it will give everyone inspiration to return to what they love to do.
    Keep up the fantastic recovery.
    Can’t wait to how great you feel when you run…!!

  4. Thanks for your kind words. I have been reading this site for a while, and the witness from people has inspired me so much, that it made believe that I could achieve good progress too.

    I have been documenting my progress on an excel spreadsheet, so now I just now decided to paste it here, so people can see it and believe that anything is possible if they really put their mind to it.

    Thanks for all the inspiration you guys have given us. I am a firm believer that you can achieve anything if you really believe that you can.

  5. bryanb: good to hear from a fellow tennis player… I am such a junkie, that even when I was in a cast, I was taking the balls to the racketball court and practicing serves sitting on a chair. People gave me weird looks, but I didn’t care, some people said that I was inspiring to them…

  6. beanie: congratulations on your quick progress, and able to return to be your crossfit in 6 months! i will keep following your progress… I guess I didn’t have flexibility issues because my ROM was not as bad. I think that’s why they only gave me 2 heel lifts instead of 4. My ROM is pretty much the same as my right foot right now, but still feels stiff.

  7. manny: thanks for your kind words. I wish you a great speedy recovery. All the best!

  8. s40love belated welcome. Your quick recovery scares me, but in a good way too. Fast scares me for increased chances of re-injury but I’ve come to realize we are each different even when we are the same.

    Age, state of health, type of injury, type of surgery or non-surgery, doctors, country, post-op doctor orders and PT exercises.

    But the biggest help I think it just being able to find a place to post ones fears and have someone understand what you are feeling and going through.

  9. s40love, welcome and thanks for sharing your great story. Good luck with your goal!

  10. I love it s40love.
    That reminds me of Thomas Muster after his knees were crushed in a car accident, back in the 80’s. There was a great picture of him in a wheelchair on the court, with both his legs in casts, and he was hitting balls. It’s called determination.
    Hope all is well and Heal Strong…!!

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