6 months Post-op

6 months post-op this Saturday, and I have been making steady progress.

I have been playing a lot of tennis lately. I feel like I can do anything: run, jump, sprint to get to balls. I have a good push off on my left leg, and can jump off the ground when I am serving.

I did take a half an hour private tennis lesson two weeks ago, because I felt like I had totally lost my winner shots, my timing was completely off. This lesson really helped me. I will probably continue taking weekly lessons to work on my form.

I decided not to enter our 40 year old USTA 4.5+ team this season. I play at a pretty high level (best level in the area for this age group) as a singles player, and since the injury I have not played anyone at a high level to find out where I am at, and also this is a very competitive league and I would hate losing to people I used to beat. I don’t think I am ready yet. I still need maybe two months to get back to the level I was at before.

So I will keep on practicing, play some better players, and I will get back in September when the fall league starts. There is no doubt in my mind: I can get to the level where I once was, or better.

Overall everything is going great. I am stronger than ever. My 5k time is down to 26:16, but I haven’t been running much lately. Need to run more. My time before injury was around 24 minutes.

I still set goals for myself on a spreadsheet, on weekly basis, and try to follow. If I don’t get to a goal, I push it back, but I stay on it.

My Achilles still gets mildly sore at times (but no pain at all), still not normal. Still limp a bit at times after some heavy playing, and my sprint, sometimes I will make short strides if I can’t keep up. I think it will take a full year to get it back to normal. But otherwise, everything is fine and dandy.

I won’t post any more… unless something major happened, or when I feel like I have reached my  pre-injury level. I really feel like this injury is behind me now!!! Thanks everyone, this website has been a God-send, and it gave me so much hope. I wish everyone a safe healing, and don’t ever give up, you can get there!

Happy healing everyone!!!

5 Month Anniversary - Week 22

Today is my 5 month anniversary. Things have been steadily improving, and I am happy with my progress so far.

I have been running every other day since week 19 (outdoors and on the TM). My running gait is better, striking with mid-foot, and it’s 95% close to normal. Yesterday I clocked 27:35 min for a 5k on the treadmill.

This is a few minutes above my running time before my injury, but since I was idle for so long, and have gained a few pounds, I think it’s a decent time for now. As I keep running, I will drop the weight, and improve my aerobic fitness, so the time will drop. The greatest block right now is my lower stamina. My tendon and flexibility are fine and are not an impediment. I am also no longer afraid of re-rupturing as I was before week 19.

I have been working hard at the gym, everyday. I have added squats, dead-lifts and lunges to my strength training in the past month, with some heavier weights, and so far so good. I try to do leg work every other day.

My left leg strength is about 80% of my right leg. So far I have been training both legs at the same time, but now I am going to focus on working the single left leg more than the right, to see if I can get more strength on my left, and get the calf size to even up.

I haven’t played tennis games lately, due to being busy. Only hitting against the wall, and with a partner from the baseline. I played some games at 19 weeks, and I was able to sprint to the net to get to the short balls, and volley from the net. I am also able to run after wide balls. I am hitting the ball harder without much effort, due to my upper body strength training, so that’s one of the silver linings of the injury! I would say I am about 80% at tennis right now.

Next week I will start playing with people I was able to easily beat before my injury, then I will have more of a benchmark to base on.

The injured leg is a little thicker at the injured site, and it has a bump, but it doesn’t look bad. The swelling after heavy exercise has diminished, but it’s still there.

My left leg is still tight… I have been working and stretching so hard, and the tightness and stiffness still remains. I guess this will be a long road. By reading other blogs, it’s possible I will never get that leg to feel normal like my right leg again. All I can do is hope….

4 Month Anniversary - Week 18

Today was my 4 month post-op anniversary so as a gift to myself, I decided to attempt to run a 10 minute mile on the treadmill.
When I saw the display time at 10:05 as I completed the first mile, I wasn’t completely happy, so I decided to go for another mile and pick up my pace.
When I reached the 2 mile mark the display read 19:55, so I decided to shoot for a 5k.  I was able to complete the 5k at 30:45, just under a 10 min a mile pace.
I was very happy that I have accomplished this goal. It was not easy. I had to  make very short strides and wasn’t pushing off with the balls of my  feet, more like with the middle part and heel. And it was pretty scary, in my mind I could re-rupture at any minute. But I kept a very short stride, and tried not to push it too much, and I did it!
I have only been running 1 or 2 miles twice a week or so, and this was over  the top for me. I don’t have the form for running properly yet, unless I do it at a very slow pace, for a short duration.
I have been doing the same things I mentioned in my last post, with an  addition of eccentric heel raises on the stairs (no backpack yet).
The lying leg curl machine does not hurt my calf anymore.
I can now hop 5 to 10 times on the floor on my injured leg. I can hop on the trampoline on a single leg for unlimited time (until I get tired or lose my balance).
I can do single heel raises and hold the raise for 10 seconds, more or less.
I think I have made a lot of progress in the last 2 weeks, and things are looking better everyday. Hard work pays off !!!
Calf still feels stiff or ankle feels lose at times. Sometimes I feel like my ankle is not there, or too lose, but I think this is just part of it. Anybody feels that way too? At times I even forget about it, and this is a good thing. I can’t wait to get to the 8th month when people say that’s when you totally forget about it.
I am pretty confident the 100% recovery will come, just not sure when. For now I will keep posting.
Happy and safe healing to all!!!

Week 16: Hopping

This is a summary of what I have been doing lately.


I felt confident enough to be on the court hitting balls the day after I got off my boot for an hour (yes, I’m a junkie, but don’t  recommend anyone doing this).

Since then, I have gone from once a week to hitting almost every day for one hour max.

I don’t go for wide shots and let the ball bounce twice if it’s short.

I avoid loading my left leg on my backhand side, so instead of my regular double handed backhand I use more slices where I load up more on the right leg, and slices are easier when you don’t have a lot of reach. Not the greatest form, but I think this satisfies my craving a little bit, and I won’t be as rusty when I get back to play real games.

Strength Training

I alternate between upper body and lower body days.

I vary exercises quite a bit, but my staple is:

On lower body day:

- Leg Press, Leg Extension, Leg curl, Glutes, Thigh abduction, Thigh adduction, seated calf raises, calf presses, and abs. My calf doesn’t  hurt on the machines, only on the one where you lay on your stomach and pull your legs up (forgot the name of it, hamstring machine?).

On upper body day:

- Chest press, flies, triceps, biceps, rowing, cable pull downs, push ups, core strength (superman, pushups, kickbacks and pulls on bench, lower back), abs, obliques. I use dumbells, barbells, cable, or machine equiment.


I just found out my gym has a Step360 bouncing equipment, which is kind of like a mini trampoline. So yesterday I experimented with it for about 10 minutes, did some balancing yoga moves, and did some hops, both two legs and single leg. I can hop on both legs with no problem, but on my left leg, I can hop maybe 4 times before failing. It’s a great little thing, and I will be using it daily. I love the fact that I can hop freely and it absorbs the impact. After I got out of it, I noticed I was walking better, not limping.

After, I usually hop on the ellyptical for 20 minutes.

I think I am ready to start trying squats and lunges this week. I will ask my trainer for guidance on those.


Been streching when I can. Not too religious about it, but have been doing it about once a day. At work during boring meetings, I am standing and doing heel raises, calf stretching, etc. My coworkers have been used to me doing this, and they don’t care. They keep asking me, do you want to sit? I say, hell no, I gotta do my stretches! So I love these boring meetings now.


I asked my lovely hubby a few days ago to do the Graston massage on my heel. And yesterday he surprised me and did it by using the handle of a stainless steel butter knife. He rubbed some E vitamin oil on it, and it was great, not quite as good as the professional one, but I think it helped. I have been neglecting my scar tissue lately but he is going to do this daily on me now!

Week 15

I just wanted to add an update. Nothing super exciting going on.

Since I quit going to the therapist, I have been doing all work on my own and relying on this site for information.

Since it’s been getting warmer, and we have had some beautiful days lately, I have been “hitting” more outside. In additional to my daily mile jogs.

When I started to run yesterday I felt about 5 “electric shock bursts” type pain on my upper calf. I don’t know how to explain it. But it was a place that I had never felt before. So I immediately stopped.

Later I hit a few balls for half an hour. My tendon was pretty swollen yesterday.

So I think I have been overdoing.

I have been reading some rerupture posts lately and that made me very scary. So I am being overly cautious from now on.

Has anyone ever reruptured after 15 weeks after having a surgical procedure done? There are probably cases out there, but I couldn’t find any.

So I am going to take a break from “jogging” on the treadmill and just do the ellyptical instead, and concentrate on stretching and strength.

Here is my “running progress”. Nothing to be proud of. I am going to slow down from now on. Even though I get an itching so bad. No more jogging on the treadmill for a while.

3/4: 1 mile in 16:23

3/5: 1 mile in 16:19

3/6: 1 mile in 16:06

3/8: 1 mile in 15:35

3/9: 1 mile in 15:16

3/10: Walked 4k in about 45min

3/11: 1 mile in 15:06

3/13: 1 mile in 14:28

3/14: 1 mile in 14:19

Week 13

Here’s my progress during week 13.

My plan now is to add 0.1 mile increases everyday on the treadmill.

Goal is to run a 10 minute mile on April 1st.

I stopped going to the therapist, but keep doing the same exercises recommended by him. I do want to go back though, mainly because of the Graston sessions.

Calf still feels stiff. I wonder how long this is going to last. This whole thing goes so slow it seems like it’s never gonna heal. But I know I must be patient.

I continue working out every day, and once a week with my personal trainer. And hitting some tennis balls (no running yet).

2/26: 1 sec. left heel raise. Unlimited tip toe walking.

2/29: Ellyptical 20 min 2.14miles.

3/1: ellyptical 20 min 2.6 miles.

3/2: ellyptical 10 min 1.42 miles.

3/3: 3 sec. left heel raise.  TM walk/run 1 mile @3.3mph

Good healing, everyone!!!!!

First Post

I am a 41 year old mother of 3, league tennis player, have a full time desk job where I am mostly sitting.

Never had been injured before. this is my first one, and it hit me hard.

My goal is to get back to normal as fast as I can, run a 5k at the 6 months mark in under 30 minutes (hopefully 25-27), and return to play competitve tennis again. I am doing everything I can to reach that goal (aggressive)

I work out every day, lift weights, do the ellyptical and treadmill (no running yet). I have been lifting weights (upper body) even when I was was in a cast.

I eat healthy, started taking a daily dose of multi-vitamins, calcium, glucosamine & chondroiting supplements. I do physio exercises once or twice a day.

Here’s my progress timeline so far.

Nov. 22 Rupture. Playing tennis (doubles). Did not hear a pop, but felt the tear.

Didn’t go see the doctor right away because I was still hoping it was just a “strain”. After 3 days went to the urgent care doctor, who told me it wasn’t a rupture (so wrong!). So after 10 days of not getting any better, I went to an outpatient center specialized in orthopedics, that did an x-ray and ultrasound, and revealed the ATR. A full rupture, the tendon was hanging by a few fibers.

Week 1
Dec. 4 Surgery. Crutches. Left foot no weight bearing.

Week 2
Dec. 11: Started putting weight on left foot when walking with crutches. Still need support from crutches.
Dec. 16: Doctor appt. Removed cast and stitches. Now on boots with 2 wedges (not 4 as I had thought). Still need crutches but can put some weight on left, especially using the stairs, I can put both feet on

Week 3
Dec. 18: Injured hand, ulnar nerve pinch on the wrist, while walking with crutches, cannot turn car key or write, arms and hands are weak, stopped lifting weights.

Week 4
Dec. 26: Able to walk without crutches (Full Weight Bearing).
Dec. 28: Doctor checkup.
Dec. 31: First day of Physiotherapy scheduled.

Week 5
Jan 2: Started walking on both bare feet (no crutches) with limping. Ditched one crutch, then both.

Week 6
Jan 8: EMG hand results were normal.
Jan 11:Slept without boots.
Jan 12: Started working out again, hand feels normal again.

Week 7
Jan 18: First Wedge Removed.
Jan 21: Walked 0.25 mi

Week 8
Jan 27: Walked 1 mile with boots.

Week 9
Jan 31: Went swimming. Were 2 shoes (for just a day, without clearance from doctor).

Week 10
Feb 5: 2 Shoes (doctor cleared).

Feb 6: Started hitting some tennis balls on the court (no running or chasing balls, just staying in place).

Week 11
Feb 12: Two heel raises.
Feb 17: Going down stairs one foot on each step.

Week 12
Feb 19: 1/2 sec. left heel raise standing on single left foot. Full body weight on left leg for about 5 minutes (still trembling). Walk at 3.4 mph.
Feb 20: Walk on tip toes in shallow water.
Feb 21: Walk on tip toes on the floor (about 20 steps).

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