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Jun 19 2012

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Stairs and Crutches + Moon Boot Walking

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Since this topic keeps coming up:

I went poking around for an existing video to demonstrate. To my surprise, I couldn’t find anything on youtube that showed this method. So I just shot my own (which was easier than trying to explain this via typing).

Of course, if you have Candadian/elbow crutches, this is pretty much what you’re going to do anyway.

Thinking back, I think I learned this from my dad, when I was first on crutches as a little kid. He was a college football player, who had multiple knee injuries/surgeries, so he was very well versed/practiced in the use of crutches.

This may not be for everybody as it may require more than average upper body strength. But, if you can do it, I really think it makes stairs MUCH easier, safer, and faster.

The topic of how to walk in a cam boot often comes up too. Here’s a short little video that attempts to demonstrate a common mistake (that leads to uneven walking, and a lot of stress on your knee):

Instead of pushing your knee back… you initiate the step by pushing it (your knee) firmly forward. You’ll feel pressure, up the front of your shin, as your lower leg drives forward into the boot structure. As you do this, it naturally causes the boot to rotate - the heel will lift off the ground, and the boot will start to roll onto it’s “toe”. Then, from that position, with a bent knee, you step forward… pushing “down” to drive yourself forward. You’ve got to have the boot rotated forward enough so that the “press” (through the heel, with a relaxed ankle, you don’t want to try and press though your toes, via the hurt achilles) doesn’t start to rotate the boot back to flat. Rather, that press should drive you forwards, and as you extend, roll the boot even a little bit farther onto it’s toe as you complete the step.

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