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Jan 24 2012

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Don’t do THIS:

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Shot this video with my helmet cam today. I figured it would be wince inducing for my fellow Achilles sufferers. Amazingly, my injured (right) side is OK. I go see the doc tomorrow to figure out how bad my left side is hurt (tore something at the *top* of my left calf muscle).

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Jan 03 2012

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Another little milestone.

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This picture was taken at Hidden Peak - at the top of the Snowbird ski area, 11,000ft elevation.

Ay, Caramba!

I set my son (that’s him, sans shirt) up with some back country ski gear for Christmas, and we decided to try it out yesterday. We climbed to this point from the lower base area, 3100ft below. This climb took us just under 3 hours.

We were both completely exhausted. So much so that we didn’t even ski down- we hopped on the tram for an easy ride back to the bottom. My hip flexors were wrecked, my quads were burning, my aerobic system completely taxed. But… my Achilles was fine! It was aching a bit by the top, but compared to everything else, the pain was kind of in the noise. This was about the biggest climb I’ve EVER done, and through it all, I really didn’t think about the Achilles much at all. It was not the limiting factor- and that seems like an important gate to have gotten through.

I noticed it skating a few times last week too. There were times when I was just out of gas- unable to push any harder, heart-rate at the red line. I wasn’t being held back by the injury (well, except for some compromised form).

After an extended period of forced inactivity, some of this is just me catching up with my poor conditioning. It sure feels great to start bumping back into limits not associated with the ATR though.

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