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Last week I had my last Doctors visit I will ever have! Unless I would rerupture my achilles. But I was cleared to run and I am all sorts of excited now. I have been running in the pool a lot lately and think that I am almost ready to be running normal again. I have been doing some elliptical instead of running and thinking next week I am going to run again! After 4 months things don’t look so bad anymore.

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I was just fumbling around on the internet and found this site. I really wish I could have found it sooner to learn everyone else’s experiences with doctors and injuries and rehab and so-on.

I tore my achilles about 3 and a half months ago playing basketball and had surgery six days after. I am currently in two shoes and loving it, but I am not loving the fact that I have to build up a new callus on the bottom of my foot. This injury has put on hold my playing college ball at my new school. I almost got to run track for a whole year…

But anyways I was wondering if anybody has any advice for strengthening your calf other than what pt has to say. If anybody has anything that worked for them let me know that would be fantastic!

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