4 weeks after surgery today

ok 4 weeks after surgery, in a hardcast, feel better…4/13 Surgery, 4/23 Hardcast, 5/13 get cast off, and into walking boot. I am used to the crutches, but feel the weakness in my calf, quad, groin, foot,  and I would assume I start PT/REHAB soon after the cast is off…I am an avid golfer, and want to play ASAP… I just saw someone post that he played 8 weeks after…that would be great…and a good goal. Mine is on the left foot, and I’m a righty so that may be a bit harder, and tougher…Maybe with the walking boot it’s doable…I want to walk again, can’t wait to get rid of the crutches. I’m hoping I get some good news on Wed, and can start rehabbing, and be able to recover quickly…

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  1. Hi Ruthless,
    We are in the same boat. I get my cast off, 4 weeks post surgery, this Thursday. Am desperate to start as soon as possible, but am sure I will be quite weak. Let’s stay in touch as we are on the same timeline.

    Good luck!

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