2 weeks Post-op

April 26 — Had my first follow-up appointment today, and I was eager to find out whether I could get out of my cast and into a boot. The nurse took off the bandages, and I felt like I hadn’t seen my bare left foot in months. It felt amazing and kind of naked for my bare ankles to feel the direct air, but it also felt really weak. Like I had been relying on the cast for stability for so long that now, the slightest movement would make my foot wobble.

I also got a first look at the wound. It wasn’t bad. I counted 6 stitches and it looked to be about one inch. There was still some bruising around my ankle and the foot was a still a little swollen. The nurse said everything looked great, and that I would be able to go home in a boot. I was ecstatic. Finally I can shower without a trash bag!

The doctor did another thompson test and I was a little freaked out that the foot didn’t really respond. He said that’s nothing to worry about and that it sometimes takes time for the tendon to attach before you see a strong reaction to the thompson. Anyone else out there have a similar experience with little or no reaction to the thompson test?

Finally, he told me to come back in four more weeks and we’ll start full weight bearing. He told me not to do any exercises at home, other than moving my toes, and that especially with the achillon procedure, you have to be very careful in the 4 weeks after surgery. Honestly, I wanted to push him for a more aggressive rehab protocol, but I was so happy to be able to go home in a boot that I let it go. The tough part was that he said to sleep in the boot.. We’ll see if I’m able to keep that part of the bargain. Nights are tough to get comfy!


BEFORE                                                              AFTER

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