“That’s weird. I can’t push off my left foot at all. Let’s go eat.”

Lenox Hill House

April 2, 2012 — The Lenox Hill Neighborhood House gym on 70th and 1st Ave. During the 5th game of the night, I was feeling good (despite not having played basketball in 7 months). It was a throw away game, and guys were barely making layups and dropping like flies with knee injuries and muscle cramps. That should’ve been a sign to stop.

But after a missed shot, my buddy and I were going for a rebound, when it felt like someone kicked the back of my calf. I went down and knew something was very wrong. My friend thought it was a cramp so he tried to stretch it out. I had a feeling this was no cramp. The funny thing was, it didn’t hurt as much as a cramp. It didn’t even hurt to put weight on it. I figured it was a bruised muscle, kinda like a charlie horse. So I figured I could just walk it off. We called it a night and we walked a few blocks to grab a burger.

Little did I know…

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  1. doug bruski on July 10th, 2012

    Rest of the artical. Same thing, but after sitting all day in meetings. Can’t roll up on the left ball of my foot. Noticable limp. 12 weeks now and they can find nothing wrong. Starting physical therapy. Any suggestions. Thanks

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