Runnerwannabe is a runner once more!!

I know it’s been a long time since I have posted.  As many find, time heals and we get on with our lives.  I celebrated my 1 year surgery anniversary by running 2 5Ks in 1 week!  What an amazing time.  I had missed running so much and was so pleased to be able to run my first races with decent times.  Not too far off my pre -injury pace and in the bigger race (800 runners), even finished 4th in my age group out of 48.  My achilles still gets very stiff, so I am continuing to do stretching and lots of heel lifts.  One thing that is surprising is how long it has taken for my calf muscle to regain it’s former size.  Still not there by about 3/4 inch.  CRAZY!!  I have been walking, hiking,  running and doing my exercises and still have a ways to go.  That is the hardest thing about running.  Up hills, I just don’t have the strength in that leg and can really feel it.  My muscle cramps in that calf are finally minimal and I am so grateful for that!

My message to all is -  hang in there!!  The first few weeks are the hardest.   I remember how depressed I was at first:  thinking about having to have surgery,  knowing that my summer was blown, work would be very difficult, etc etc.  Dealing with the physical limitations after surgery was hard.  Crutches suck and I about ruined my other achilles by hopping around on my other foot, so be careful about that!!

Then, we all live in fear of re-rupture.  I plan on continuing to run, but am being very careful about anything that involves jumping.  I cannot imagine life without doing the things I love.  So, I am going to continue and try to be as careful as I can.  Going golfing tomorrow:)

Good luck to everyone and speedy recovery!!

12 Responses to “Runnerwannabe is a runner once more!!”

  1. housemusic Says:

    Thank you for posting your 1-year update and congratulations on running not one but TWO 5-Ks in one week!
    My 1-year anniversary will be on Sept. 16th and I wanted to know if you saw any improvement in the last two months leading up to your anniversary. I have not seen changes or improvements for the past 3 months and I am getting impatient.
    Calf is still weak and atrophied, and it gets tired quickly. Any pointers would be appreciated!

  2. smiler Says:

    Good to hear that you are running again. I used to go do 5km every dinner time at work in the local gym and only 5 weeks in am missing it so much. To hear that 12 months on you are back to running that distance means i have something to aim for. Only 47 more weeks to go :-)

  3. gkraemer14 Says:

    Awesome update. Keep up the great work. I’m looking forward to getting back to running also.


  4. ali Says:

    Good stuff RW, great to hear your update. Keep healing!

  5. onhiatus Says:

    Great news!! Glad you are back at it and 2 runs in a weeks seems like a perfect celebration for the year anniversary. Thanks for making my day with this post! Only 11+ more months to go!

  6. toble74 Says:

    Congrats on your two 5K runs. Your post has been inspiring. I am in my sixth week after surgery and I cannot wait to play sports again. I have felt down some days although I feel much better now.
    I also almost ruined my “good” Achilles by hopping on it. It is very sore now and I can barely move. I will have to take it easy.
    Congrats again for your 2 runs and thanks for the post

  7. univofpittbull Says:

    Woot! I remember reading your blogs while i was healing up. Congrats!

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