8 1/2 Months

Wow - 8 1/2 months!.

So weird how at first things seemed to go so slow, and then the time does fly by!.    I am very grateful to be doing almost anything I want.  I walk, use my elliptical, and 3 weeks ago started doing Zumba.   My Dr. said no running until spring.   Unfortunately, the more I do, the more I hurt.  I still never go a day without a reminder of my poor achilles.  I still have pain in my calf and foot and even my toes.  My toes used to have the worse nerve pain!  It’s much better, but I still get stabs and tingles.   I get terrible a terrible muscle cramp in my calf almost every night after I exercise.   Even though I feel like I’m doing a lot of exercise, my calf is still smaller and much weaker.  How long does it take to get to 100% normal?   I am eager to run, but my whole foot hurts when I try and my calf still feels so weak.

4 Responses to “8 1/2 Months”

  1. mljackson60 Says:

    I’m sorry about your pain. I am, oddly, getting pain in my good foot.

  2. ali Says:

    Hi WR, I do still get bilateral spasms. Like you I am so grateful for what I can do. I have been reminded in the last few days not to underrestimate the recovery, its still only 8.5 months. The injury demands respect, it sure lets me know if I forget about it. Ive used the calf press in the gym which I think has helped to build up the muscle a bit. Ryan suggested TENS on my blog, just a thought, wondering if this might help with nerve pain

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