Any advice? I have a stick shift car :(

Does anyone have any advice for driving stick? I haven’t been able to drive. My rupture is on the left and right now I am FWB in a boot, but cannot even imagine pushing in a clutch! Anyone have any experience? How many weeks out will I be able to drive?

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  1. starry Says:

    I had the same issue as you, manual car and left atr. I’m
    at 14 weeks post op now. My clutch is extremely heavy and I was scared to push on it for a long time. Finally tried at around 10w but lacked strength to push it down at all! Tried again at 12w andcould do it but only just which would have made clutch control difficult, finally at 13w got enough strength to drive it!! Guess it just depends on how quickly you get calf strength back and how heavy your clutch is. Definitely test the clutch out on it’s own first then if all seems ok take it for a spin on the back streets. I had the same feeling as you back at your stage of recovery, but you will get there!! Oh and make sure you are out of the boot first.

  2. tamal Says:


    I heard that there was some tool you can buy to help you with the clutch whiled you drive. Like an artificial foot or something… You may want to google it. I’m not sure what it is. Good luck.

  3. nickokie Says:

    Can you switch vehicles with your husband until you have recovered?

  4. DW Says:

    Best of luck to you. I have a manual shift also but tore the right. Still before I drove I just sat in the car first with the boot, which I quickly realized was impossible for me, then with shoes. At first I just knew I could not do it but felt close then the next time felt like I could and did. For me it was a feeling. If I were you I would be real sure cause when I drove my first long distance, 15 miles,my Achilles really hurt if it had been my clutch foot I would have been screwed.

  5. Tim Anderson Says:

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