7 weeks (and survived 2 concerts!)

So, I hit seven weeks on Tuesday - and this has been a very eventful week!  On Monday, I went to my doctor and he said I could FWB, but am to keep by boot on to protect my tendon from re-rupture.  Fair enough!! :)   He said he will order a brace for inside my shoe and in 2 weeks, can wear shoes with the brace.  So, On Tuesday, I head off to Columbus with my daughter for a Keith Urban concert.  Luckily she is 17 and can drive.  I’m thinking - this is great - first day out in the world crutchless!!  Unfortunately, it did not take long until my calf and foot ached terribly!  We had to walk very long distances - parking garage to hotel, hotel to arena, will call tickets at the other end of the arena, back to the front of the arena, up and down millions of steps to get to our seats, walk back to the hotel.  WOW, was I beat after that night!  I was very grateful that I found a piece of foam to put under my foot in the boot.  I still get heel pain and like dancing bunny said, it feels like your foot has no cushion.  And, in the morning - Take a shower without my shower chair!!??  Hadn’t thought about that :(   I was so scared, but was very careful and deliberate with all my steps and didn’t kill myself.  We did have a blast at the concert and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.  We bought our tickets in December - who knew??   To make it worse, we also bought tickets for the Cleveland concert.  So, on Thursday - off we go to Cleveland and do it all over again.  It was definitely a pain pill night!!  But, again, we had a great time.  I ended up taking off work on Friday because I hurt so bad from all the walking.  I am babying it all this weekend.  Back to RICEing for sure.  I am very grateful to be walking, but know that putting in about 10 miles in the first few days was NOT what my Doctor intended!

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  1. James Cathrien Says:

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