5 WK Post Op

Yesterday at a day about five weeks post op, I got my cast taken off and my boot on. I was so excited because my doctor cleared me to walk without crutches right away (in the boot, of course), to shower without the boot, and to sleep without it. I showered immediately when I got home, and like the nurse said, my steristrips came off. Later that night, I went to a friend’s house for a little fire. Not too much walking involved. Once I got home and took my boot off, I noticed the top few inches of my incision had come apart a little bit and there was fresh blood. I was worried about it all night, and decided to retape it today, as my sock started sticking to the wound due to the fluid. Was that a bad choice? The bottom of the incision around my heel is just about healed, but not the top on my lower calf/upper ankle. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Any advice?

I was also told to take the boot off two or three times a day to do light stretches for improving my range of motion. My doctor said he’d have me back in six weeks to either take the boot off for good, or determine whether or not I’ll have to keep it on a little longer. He didn’t mention anything about physical therapy and, being caught up in all the info, I forgot to ask. Is it normal to go to 11 weeks without PT?

Four Weeks Post Op

Hey, everybody! My name is Emily, I’m 20 years old, and I ruptured my achillesĀ on 9/14/2016 while playing basketball with some friends. Things were heating up, and at some point when I started running, I felt the dreaded ghost kick and fell to the ground. Two weeks later, I went in for surgery on 9/28 after walking around on it a ton. This retracted the tendon upwards, causing the need for an even longer incision.

The first two weeks post op were tough, to say the least. A lot of pain, physically, mentally, and emotionally. It’s hard to go from a super social a busy life that included a full-time job and college to a life of spending most days alone at home. At two weeks, I went in to get my splint off and to get put into a hard cast with my foot less pointed. I’ve had it for two weeks, and I’ll be switching it out for a boot one week from today.

I’ve had a couple of falls with the cast, one where I slipped off the crutches and banged my toes on the ground, and one where I accidentally put my crutch off of a curb and hit my big toe on my injured foot super , horribly hard straight down on the concrete. Both of these events brought pain and swelling, so I’m just hoping everything under there is alright and I won’t have to start the whole process over again. I wouldn’t even know what to with myself. The pain lately has been on the outer portion of my ankle and in my calf, but my doctor seems to think all is well.

I’m stoked for the boot, because with it comes going back to work and driving (hopefully).