3 Months and Dr said no Physical Therapy??

i had 3 months in the boot after having AT surgery…they also shave down my bone so the coud reattach the tendon to it.  i saw my doc on thursday and he told me i am done with the boot, i should start walking and doing stretches…he is also getting me arch supports. the odd thing is - he is not putting me in physical therapy!  has anyone else had this happen - no pt??  i can’t even raise my calf on its own.  i was a little shockef compared to how serious the injury.  i am active and hasve done AT PT exercises a fewed years ago.

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  1. Yea that definitely doesn’t sound right. My doc told me the rehab and physical therapy after the tendon was healed would be the most important to me getting back to 100% the way I was before the injury. I would definitely ask what his plans are for you in the near future, maybe he just forgot to tell you :\

  2. Definitely unusual. I am six weeks post surgery and was told to start PT next week. How are you going to walk if your calf does not have push off strenghth?

  3. That seems odd. I am only at day 5, but my doc said at 2 months I should have had the boot for 4-6 weeks and would have me walk normal, but not start physical therapy until month 3. Maybe he/she forgot to mention this gap between normal walking and starting PT that my doctor has planned.

  4. Efrain, at 12 weeks new collagen cells in your tendon will be laid down/stronger and you will be past the greatest risk of rerupture. I guess up until that point your doc will be talking about functional rehab. Depends on your regime, but I hope this helps.

  5. Rugbyjo, where do you live? Are you in the UK?

  6. Did you directly ask him about PT and he said “No?” There’s a chance he just forgot about it.

  7. I would definately get a second opinion. You’ll need therapy to teach your tendon to re-integrate with the rest of your body. It’s been dormant for awhile, and the tendon doesnt just wake up.I also find it odd that you were in a boot for so long. I hope youre healing well. Remember to be your own advocate!

  8. I wonder if your treatment is different because of the additional aspect of having your bone shaved down, etc.? I would certainly ask. PT has been invaluable for getting me moving properly again.

  9. My PT started after 3 weeks of 2 shoes with a wedge. I’m a chronic rupture though - 6 weeks from injury to surgery. I followed my doctors protocol since I have a fetal cow graph used in my repair. While I have a long way to go in strengthening, I’m making good progress even though my PT started so much later than most people.

    I don’t have a clue what’s right (I trust my surgeon though. My 6 weeks pre-surgery were hell & he was my savior) but I keep focusing on the current challenge. I wanted to start PT when he gave me the 2 shoe green light but looking back, I am glad I didn’t. Those 3 weeks allowed the mental shift that my repair was completely healed and I can push as hard as I can at PT without the mental obstacle.

    Best of luck!!

  10. Btw, I’m 17-1/2 weeks post op. I started PT 3 weeks ago.

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