3 Months and Dr said no Physical Therapy??

i had 3 months in the boot after having AT surgery…they also shave down my bone so the coud reattach the tendon to it.  i saw my doc on thursday and he told me i am done with the boot, i should start walking and doing stretches…he is also getting me arch supports. the odd thing is - he is not putting me in physical therapy!  has anyone else had this happen - no pt??  i can’t even raise my calf on its own.  i was a little shockef compared to how serious the injury.  i am active and hasve done AT PT exercises a fewed years ago.

Two weeks post-op and back to work!

I ruptured my achilles on the half pipe on mile 7 in a race called Tough Mudder - this was July 23.  I had my surgery on the following Tuesday - July 26.  My injury was a partial rupture however the tendon came completely off the bone.    When I had surgery, they had to shave down the bone so they could reattch the tendon.

I had my first visit - 10 days after surgery - on Thursday with my Dr.  He removed my cast and the stitches.  I nthink the removal of the stitches was worse than my actual surgery - they were stuck and I wasvtold they were pulling the nerve.  It was awful.  The Dr. placed me in a boot and told me to come back in 6 weeks.  He said I could try to PWB.  I asked about biking but was told no, however, he did say swimming with something between my legs.

My biggestquestion was - when can I go back to work.  He didn’t want me to go back rightbaway - said two more weeks.  I assured him I would be able to keep it elevated.  I’m lucky that I work a desk job snd my company sells healthcare equipment.  Not only am I sitting in sn awesome tilt-n-recline chair - I also am getting to borrow a knee walker and was given a free shower chair.  I wascworried that work would be tough but its now day 2 and it feels great so far.  I’ve already got my heel touching the bottom of my boot.  The weird thing I am noticing is that ever since surgery _ i seem to have bouts where I sweat profusely - anyone else having this problem??

Next visit - 6 weeks.  Kind of feel like that will be forever.  I go to Mexico in mid October and my goal mis to be wearing two shoes …we’ll see!