My 2nd time around…

I just had to have a secondary repair to my right achilles about 4 weeks ago. I’d been having problems with it since my initial accident at work back in 2011. Had to see a foot/ankle specialist after first been seen by an orthopedic surgeon who performed my first surgery. . What a disaster!! To make a long story short.. 7 cm of my achilles was degenerative and severely discolored. Dr said it was a full thickness defect through the entire tendon. My achilles was not salvageable. She had to use an intercalary graft of an allograft tendon, supplement with a FHL tendon transfer. Had to also do a sural nerve repair due to it being encased in scar tissue… Had to do graft with an anterior tibial is tendon allograft.. Dr just said extensive work had to be done.. anyway I’m glad all that is over with. Finally in boot and on my way to recovery.. AGAIN! I start my PT Wednesday.. Pray all goes well!


Haven’t blogged in awhile… It’s been really frustrating! Being naive… I just thought that the surgery would make things better… A whole lot quicker!!! I’ve been having PT three days a week since 1/9/12. It’s been helping with my movements but the pain is still there… And my walk is still off. My therapist has helped me with my walk a lil better though. Had a visit with my ortho on 2/28/12 and he says that he’s concerned about the elongated knot that has persisted on my leg… He expects its scarred tissue but haven’t seen nothing quite like mines. Other than that he wants me to continue PT and hasn’t permitted back to work yet…. Only because my work will not allow his sitting requirement…! So I continue to R. I. C. E. and do my exercises daily. I truly understand what they mean by PATIENCE being a virtue : ).. Wish everyone a blessed road to recovery.


Hello everyone! My achilles had torn while I was at work on 9/24/11. My right leg had gotten rolled n by a postcon from the back. I felt my shin kiss my shoe. It happened so fast that I didn’t even realize what took place at the time. The postcon had also caused a deep laceration on the back of leg. I had to be taken to the e.r. where they then stitched me up. Went to my Dr where he referred me to an ortho. I took xrays, put on crutches and then the boot. I had returned to work around 6 weeks later and still in a lot of pain… Had to limp my way around. Went back to Dr that following week when he requested me an mri. I had my mri on 12/1/11… They realized I had in fact tore my AT. I was then taken back out of work and recommended to have surgery. With all the delays due to wrong diagnosis, paperwork, workers comp, etc…. I finally had my surgery 1/11/12. Along with local anesthesia, they did a popliteal block, prp injection, repair and splint on me. I had a hard time falling asleep even with the percs. Started browsing the web and stumbled across this site.. I’ve read many of your blogs and they were very helpful. Just hope my recovery be an easier road down than the almost 4 months prior.

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