9 1/2 weeks - Consultant Review

So pleased, I’ve been released from the boot and been given permission to wear two shoes and drive. Consultant really impressed with my walking, tendon strength/healing and overall movement of the foot/ankle - first physio appointment booked for Monday and start strengthening work at 12 weeks. There’s nothing like the sense of joy that this next part of the journey brings - still a long way to go but the hard work and determination has paid off. Now up to 10,000 steps a day and 10-12 minutes on the rower. Still got another 2 1/2 months of anti coagulants to finish off those pesky little DVTs. I’m off to Foot Locker to get fitted for some fabulous new trainers this weekend as a reward for surviving this last 9 1/2 weeks and to help me continue to improve in this next phase………

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