9 Weeks In

Well this is my first post. I am 9 weeks in on my Achilles journey. At 46, whilst on holiday in the Maldives, I sustained a total rupture of the right achilles tendon during a jump whilst dancing barefoot on a wooden dancefloor to the song Titanium. I had also been jumping around in delight some 30 minutes earlier when watching Federer smash Murray at Wimbledon. We were 8 days into a 10 day stay on the island followed by 4 days in Singapore. I have an ED Nurse background and knew immediately what had happened, the crack was audible above the music and my right leg was immediately useless. NWB on a paradise island is pretty tricky, crutches and wheelchair do not work well on sand! Once in Singapore, I was put in plaster and given crutches but by the time I returned home to Australia, 7 days after the injury I had the ultrasounds that diagnosed both the complete rupture but also 3 DVTS - agghhhhhh. So I was put in an equinous slab and started on anti-coagulant therapy. Saw the Orthopaedic Consultant a few days later who advised that any option of surgery was out of the window due to the DVTs and so my conservative treatment regime commenced. I’ve been in a camboot for 6 weeks after the 3 weeks in plaster. I’ve used a knee scooter whilst NWB then crutches for PWB and this last 10 days I’ve been FWB in the camboot and around the house in the evening, barefoot FWB. My consultant review is in 3 days and I’m hoping I might be healed enough to progress to the rehab stage maybe? I found this site a few days ago and I’ve been reading other stories which is really helpful for keeping things in perspective, appreciating that we all heal at different rates etc. I’m now up to 10,000 steps a day again (my normal daily walking) and 10 minutes a day on the rower. The anti coagulants continue for another 2 1/2 months but I’ve been symptom free from within 48 hours of starting the therapy so I’m telling myself that this is a positive sign that they are starting to shrink away. Looking forward to sharing support and tips over the coming months……

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  1. Last Wednesday I got surgery to repair my torn Achilles tendon an am planning to use my LG-TEC Elite for rehab (originally bought this for a shoulder injury). Around the time I bought this the LG-TECH Elite seemed the be the best $100 range value, according the the hours of research. My questions is, can I adjust the settings myself or shoulder a doctor “dial it in”?

  2. Hi Joe
    I’m not sure what a LG-TEC Elite is but would definitely get advice from your doctor about usage

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