Posted by: rougemac | August 6, 2010

Sore Calf

I have been PWB for a little over a week and very top of my calf behind my knee has been sore for a couple days.  Did anyone else experience a sore calf when transitioning from NWB to PWB?


After six weeks and the last four in the Bledsoe brace, the back of my leg had severe pain. I called the dr since I thought I was having a blood clot. He assured me that it was normal. It through off my PT and my knee. Any success I had walking was gone due to the cramping in the back of the leg. After one week, the pain was gone. Now what I have is just the awkwardness of the achilles, not pain, just an odd feeling. What is your ACR story?

Hey, Mac, how’s it going up in Brampton? Hope all is well.

All is well Norm. I just switched Physiotherapist. I was doing Physio at work as we have an on-site physio clinic, but I wasn’t happy with the progression. I found a place in Orangeville call Eramosa and have been twice. Really aggressive scar tissue treatments. My surgeon cut me loose after the 3 month visit which is no loss. My only concern is the bottom of my scar is still scabbing and is sore. This is the exact location my shoes rub when walking so I have been hitting it with the cream and it seems to be getting better slowly. My biggest challenge was learning to walk up and down stairs. I think I have mastered it now and I am using the ball of my foot when going up. Calf is still really weak but between 2 leg calf raises and climbing stairs “correctly” I should be ready for baseball next year.
Thanks for the email, I really appreciate all this website did for my mental well being for a good 6 weeks.

P.S. My Therapist graduated from Western and follows their rehab protocol!!!

Good to hear from you, Mac, and good to hear about good progress, too! :-) If you can hang your heel out over the stairs at 16 weeks post-op, I think you’re doing very well.

Your PT’s “aggressive scar tissue treatments” are to break up INTERNAL scars, like “adhesions”? Nothing to do with the scar on your skin from the surgery, right?

My surgical scar was pretty well behaved after my 2001 surgery, but if I had your lingering scar-scab, I’d be searching through the “tool shed” for ways to protect it. Maybe some soft padding near the skin, with something semi-stiff around it, to take the pressure from the top of the shoe.

I’m thinking of a piece of plastic “Krazy Karpet” (the cheap rolled-up plastic stuff that kids sometimes use for sliding down snow-covered hills), or similar plastic from a cheap 3-ring notebook.

That combo of stiff on the outside and cushy on the inside should help, if you can fit it in your shoe.

Keep healing and recovering, and keep posting!

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