Posted by: rougemac | July 1, 2010

On the road to Recovery

Sunday June 27 2010 will forever change my life.  I was playing men’s rec baseball and after smashing an easy double down the left field line I was rounding first base and heard a "POP" and I went down like a sac of potatoes.  Lucky for me I had a cooler full of ice and a few beers left from a party the night before.  One of my team mates brought the cooler to the dugout so I could ice my ankle.  I had a hard time driving my standard Jeep home, but learned in a hurry how to drive without the clutch.  Went to the ER in Orangeville and it was going to be a 3 hour wait and since I was not in very much pain I decided to wait until Mon morning to see my Family Dr.  He sent to the ER in Brampton as he said it would be the ER Dr. who would refer me to the Ortho Surgeon.  The Er Dr. performed the "Thompson Test"  and there is no movement in my left foot.  Ortho app. is tomorrow and I am not too sure what to expect.


Hey mac, good luck with your appointment. I tore my right achilles on the same day…..I tore my left 11 yrs ago and found myself in your same situation with my jeep. Unfortuantely for me I had to trade in my standard for an automatic……talk about taking a beating…….good luck

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I hope your “surgeon” is familiar with the recent studies, as has been well documented by normofthenorth. I too have taken the non surgical route and although I was in a cast for 6 weeks and have not followed the UWO protocol too closely, I have been pleased with my progress. Almost 4 months later, I am almost back to my normal activities. I can’t do single heel raises yet but my physiotherapist has just given me excercises to strenghten my calf muscles.
Good luck!

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I think you’ve already got the quick links, Mac: for the studies (or the Wikipedia article on ATR, as long as it lasts!), and for the protocol from the UWO study, which a number of us here are already following.

It seems like a good way to go. Reasonably quick and convenient, virtually identical outcomes (strength, ROM, re-rupture rate), less moaning and groaning than surgery, and much lower risk of complications.

Hi all. I had surgery three days ago and was not aware of options. I am in a splint/cast with foot pointed downward. Have read about the VACO cast and had a couple of questions. Is it an effective option. Also, noticed you have to have a script. Will i need to bring some convincing evidence to my DR in order to get a script for it. If so what should i bring. I want to the fastest recovery while not risking injury and set back. I am 47 and very athletic. It is hugely difficult for me to lay around thinking of inactivity for such a long period of time.


If doc won’t prescribe what you want I’d look for an alternative like an adjustable hinge ROM walker available online. Get what you want soon. If you recover without problems the need for the boot can pass rather quickly. I have a non-adjustable boot and should be out of it at 8-9 weeks post-op if all goes well. If I had an adjustable boot I might wear it for another week or two for a safer transition to shoes. On the other hand, an adjustable boot might have made progress quicker.

Your doc may or may not support your desires. Mine refused so I am ignoring his rehab protocol. After leaving surgery it’s no longer “his” foot. I am doing great on my own plan. In my one visit to PT the therapist was impressed, supportive, and questioned why I even bothered to make a PT appointment.

Good Luck!

Hi Tony: I seem to be one of the few, maybe only one here who has used the VacoCast. Its the only one I’ve used but I can say with all honesty, I would be shocked if there is a better product available. It is completely flexible, adaptable, comfortable, and safe.

As for a script, I assume you mean a prescription from a doctor or therapist? My PT ordered the boot for us from the US distributor in Mass. I am not sure about this, but believe i could have ordered it directly if I chose to do so.

In the states it is about 3X the cost of the standard boots, wholesale, but well worth it.

Let me know what other questions you have.

Help….I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!!! I think I tore my achilles!!!!!!!

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