9 Week Post: 2 Shoes!

I had my 9 appointment with the doc yesterday and was given clearance to start transitioning in to 2 shoes! They want me to ween off the boot and my first day today consisted of wearing the boot in the morning and shoes in the afternoon. What was nice is that I had PT this afternoon so I could gauge how it was feeling during my session and see if there was any swelling which was thankfully minimal. I was also given a script for an ankle brace to provide support in shoes which has helped my conscience when walking without the boot. Really noticed a ramp up in intensity today during PT which they said would happen when I got flat and in the brace which I loved. My main accomplishment was being able to balance for 30 seconds 3 times on the injured foot. Was actually sweating today in PT which made it feel worthwhile! My next appointment with the doc won’t be for 2 months so PT and home exercises is where I will be making progress. PT doesn’t want me golfing yet without the boot until I can successfully do a single leg heel raise on the injured foot (YIKES!) Strength seems to be getting each week and walking around the house without any assistance has started to become common place. Fingers crossed to continued progress! Hope all other recoveries are going well too!

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  1. It’s great being in 2 shoes! One single leg heel raise, that’s your focus? Haven’t asked mine PT about golfing yet but maybe I should and compare with you. I’m very interested in how the golf trip goes. Happy golfing;)

  2. You will be different than me, given that you started PT way sooner in your recovery. From the time I started PT and *actual* strength building (the 12 week mark- so April 27 for me), in 3 weeks I’ve come a long way. I could maybe expect being able to do a heel raise within 4-6 weeks of starting rigorous PT. in most circumstances, but people are going to differ of course. Good luck.

  3. I love reading your posts Ross because I feel like I’m right behind you. Congrats on your recovery thus far, you’ll be golfing in no time!

  4. Hi Ross,

    I ruptured my left achilles and had surgery, now 9 weeks post op. I was in soft cast for 2 weeks then a boot for four weeks, so by the 7th week I was in shoes. Limpy but no pain.

    Anyway, my surgeon said I could resume playing golf as soon as I was in shoes. I played last weekend, used a cart, wore my golf shoes. All good (despite 10 weeks with not a practice swing, I shot as good a score as when was playing regularly - 83).

    I cant do a single heel raise yet and my recovery is on par, nothing amazing, although I am a reasonably fit person and not carrying a lot of excess weight.

    Your PT sounds very conservative. I suggest you ask your surgeon whether you can start playing golf rather than the PT. If its your lead leg then it is pretty stable and the achilles should be pretty much fully strong now, just the foot/leg muscles and stretching/flexibility issues. Personally I think the more normal activities you can resume without pain the better - will help mobilize muscles, movement, and strength. Golf is a goodie! Just thought I’d post this as you are a golfer and must be itching to get on the course like I was. Good luck!

  5. What’s the type/brand of ankle brace your wearing with shoes?

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