7/8 week post

Hello all,

Quick check in with my 8 week post. Didn’t do one for 7 weeks bc nothing major to post. I’m currently two weeks through PT and FWB in the boot until next weds when I go see the doc. In my previous visit, he said I could move in to two shoes next visit so I’m hoping that’s still the case. PT has started slower than what I’m used to be doing in a gym setting. They are being cautious with the protocol until I get to flat in the boot next week. Been doing some good stretching, massage, and light theraband exercises as they just gave me one to take home as well. They are very happy with how far along I am and how well the scar is healing. I have been back to work 3 weeks now and aside from some pretty healthy heel pain towards the end of the day, it’s been going well. I’ve all but ditched the scooter unless my heel is hurting and have completely ditched the crutches. I’m able to walk in the boot good amounts without any pain or swelling which has been a blessing with a daughter that wants to play outside all the time! Anxious to start to ween off the boot in the next couple week and ramping up PT. That should also mean back on the golf course ¬†soon as well!

More on the golf, I’m comfortably putting, chipping in the yard and hitting full wedge shots in to my cul-de-sac with foam balls and my boot on. Think I may try the range in the next week as well. Feels good to hit some shots with zero pain. Goal is still to go on our yearly golf trip in June!

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  1. I’m happy for your good progress. I would like to be back on the golf course in June as well but don’t like to let down myself if not making it. Be sure not to walk with the boot on the greens!

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  2. That’s great! Your golf stories and practice are encouraging. I want to be able to hit the golf course soon as well, so I may start doing some chipping and putting in my back yard as well. Problem is I have to do a mow first.. did you hire someone to do that or do it yourself? Haha.

  3. Winni,
    Wanted to give you an update on golf. I actually went to the range last Saturday and made it thru my 75 ball bucket with no pain. Hit every club in the bag, even a couple Drivers! What was nice was I didn’t have any pain or swelling, just a little fatigue from the increased cardio if you will haha. Because I felt fine Saturday, I also went and played 18 Sunday afternoon with some friends! My intention was to only play 9 but I was playing well and wasn’t in any pain. Shot 76 with 3 birdies! Guess I should swing slower and in a boot all the time! Anyway, I hope your recovery is coming along well and you get back out there soon too!

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  4. You played in your boot, fantastic, good progress;).

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