6 Week Update

Hello all. Checking in with my 6 week post op post. A lot has happened just since last week! I was cleared to go back to work this past Monday and the adjustment with wearing the boot and using the scooter or crutches at my job has been challenging but satisfying. I feel in the last 4 days of work, I’ve starting to feel a sense of normalcy to my life that I had before the injury.

Being in the boot now for over a week, I can successfully weight bear completely on my injured foot (doctor said to weight bear as tolerable). Obviously I am not doing this all day but my job requires quite a bit of walking so Id be lying to say if I don’t take some steps without the crutches or scooter. I feel that if I have my doctors blessing, am not overdoing it, and am not having pain that this is a step in the right direction. I  try to let my foot out of the boot during lunch time to let it breathe and air out. I also take this 30 minutes or so to do some ROM exercises to the foot doesn’t get too stiff. When I get home, swelling is at a minimum, but I still elevate as much as possible and ice at least once a night And continue with light ROM exercises. The only complaint I’m having is that my foot at times (not just around the scar) is hot! I’m not having pain and it’s not swollen but it feels like when you have a sunburn somewhere you forgot to put lotion on at the beach. When it’s hot like this it also is redder then my other foot. Anyone else had this experience?

I start PT next weds and am anxious to get going. My PT place also has water therapy available which I’m interested in exploring.  I also believe they are taking a wedge out of the boot to go from 20 down to 10 degrees.  In three weeks, I go back to see my doctor and he said as long as everything is kosher (fingers crossed)  that the adjustment in to two shoes can start!

Overall, my main concern is to keep telling myself not to overdo things.  I’m remaining positive and sticking to the protocol which is working but it’s hard not to want to speed things up.  STAY THE COURSE MAN!

2 Responses to “6 Week Update”

  1. Good to hear you’re improving and adjusting back to a normal life. For water therapy I was told filling up my bath tub and do some exercises! I know the feeling to do more but….

  2. great progress rossthegolfer. indeed, you can do little steps without crutches/scooter as you see fit as long as you are not overdoing it. once the brain is free and you get the walking motion with the boot you’ll be fine, but do consider that only the doctor can tell how the tendon is healing up so take heed of their advice!

    keep it up!


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