5 Week Post Op

Today marks the 5 week mark since my right Achilles surgery. I went to the doc yesterday and the hard cast was taken off after 3 weeks. What a relief! As flexible as I felt like my foot was in the cast, it’s crazy how stiff and tight everything  was. He said everything was healing great and I was fitted in my boot at 20 degrees and told I can do weight bearing as much as tolerable. As much as I want to start going, I keep telling myself to take it slowly bc I’m having a lot of heel pain if I put too much weight on the foot or try not to use my crutches. I was given the all clear to go back to my sales job Monday too with the help of a scooter which was also a relief. I’m all but done entertaining myself on the couch all day!

I was wondering if any of you have had success with any at home exercises at this stage of the recovery as I don’t start PT for two more weeks? I got some great exercises from blogger Proaicer here: http://achillesblog.com/files/2008/03/achilles_tendon_rupture_mass_gen.pdf but was wondering if anything else has worked? Again nothing too strenuous, but enough where I feel like I’m helping the foot and tendon. Is it too early for a light theraband do you think?

I was also wondering when it’s ok to be without the boot. The doc said I need it anytime I’m active but what about the house when I’m just sitting around? Am I doing any harm letting the foot breathe with it elevevated which is a majority of the time until I go back to work Monday? It’s nice to have it off,  but I don’t want to set myself back if it’s doing harm. I obviously know to wear it the boot at all times other than that and am very careful when I don’t have it on. Any suggestions/experiences are much appreciated!

As for golf, I did some light putting on my putting surface in the basement without crutches and just my boot on last night! That sure was fun. I obviously was mindful of my injured foot and had more weight on the opposite foot but it was great to be able to get in a putting stance and roll some. Hopefully I can Get more comfortable with WB and do some careful chipping in the yard in about a week.

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  1. Ask your doc about theraband timing. I wasn’t given mine until the 6 week mark. Can’t imagine a week would make a huge difference there but maybe it could.

    As to letting your foot out of the boot at week 5 and onward when you’re just laying around, yes absolutely. Early motion is encouraged once that 2 week splint comes off. That doesn’t mean weight bearing, that just means ROM.

    Definitely get that foot moving: dorsiflexion, plantarflexion, eversion, inversion. All that’s tolerable.

  2. Thanks mibball, that definitely made me feel better. It feels good to get it out of the boot like you said to do simple exercises as much as tolerable. So weird how the tendon itself feels so tight! Maybe I will hold off on the theraband until I go for PT in two weeks. I’m sure I can hold off.

  3. I am in week 11 now. Mine has been very tight up until this week. It’s starting to feel quite a bit softer at rest now.

    ROM was difficult back in those first 6 weeks because of swelling for me, but it got progressively better the more I moved it in circles and the more I iced and elevated. I’ve been very regimented about giving the tendon as much movement as possible during the day, while elevating and icing at night.

    Wake up next day, wash rinse repeat.

  4. I think there are things you can do at this point. Like mibbal said, you can gently try movement in all different directions (plantar, dorsi, eversion, inversion). Do these exercises while seated, not standing yet. I used a yellow theraband to start with. You can write some ABCs with your feet (try not to move your leg, focus on your heel), do some toe crunches with a towel. That’s what my therapist had me doing at 3 weeks.

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