4 week post op

Hey all,

Thanks for all the comments on my first post! Good to know there are some other golfers in the same boat as me (well not good but you know what I mean). Just a quick update on 4 weeks post surgery. ¬†Not much has changed since my first post except that it really feels like my foot is doing better. I feel that the few exercises I can do with the cast on on progressing nicely and am ready for the boot next weds when I go to the doc. ¬†Errands on crutches or the scooter are become my easier too. Hopefully doc gives good news like some weight bearing and clearing me to go back to work the 25th! I’ll update next Thursday.

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  1. You sound so positive, maybe it’s the little one who cheer you up. My experince with the boot is good so far. The only thing is that be careful not put it on to tight. I did that first night and it’s like when you get a sore feet and put the same shoe on, painful. Not sure what state your in but in Shanghai it’s getting nice and warm and my husband is out on the golf course. It will give him some advantage to beat me, haha.

  2. Feels good to be wanting to get up and out and about more, doesn’t it? It’ll only get better once you’re in the Aircast and can weight bear. Stay positive. It’s a must!

  3. Quick golf update for your rossthegolfer - This past Friday I was 8 weeks post op. Have been FWB in boot for the past 2 weeks. The guys were heading out Friday afternoon for a round of golf. 75 and sunny here and I couldn’t bear to be in the office. My plan was to just ride along and enjoy some cold beverages and heckle bad shots. Got to the club a bit early to try to hit some shots on the range. My boot is on the right side so a little tough to turn through the shot. But it felt really good and kept me anchored. So I decided to play 9 holes. Some perspective - I’m a 7 HC and usually shoot right around 80 give or take. Well I wish I would have gotten into our usual game because I couldn’t have hit the ball better. I had 2 birdies and shot 37. I was very cautious of my right side and became more upper body but was so good to get out. I had a smile on my face the whole day. So bottom line is there is hope for golf once you get into the boot! Just have to take a cart and be smart on the hills. Good luck in your healing!

  4. That’s awesome Chad! Solid 9! I’ve heard that some peoples swing actually is better after surgery bc they have more tempo and are quieter on the feet. Looks like you’re one of those people! I go in to the boot weds and should be FWB in a couple weeks. Ready to hit some shots too as I got the new M2 for Christmas! The warm weather has definitely been giving us the itch!

    Thanks for the Update!

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