9 Week Post: 2 Shoes!

I had my 9 appointment with the doc yesterday and was given clearance to start transitioning in to 2 shoes! They want me to ween off the boot and my first day today consisted of wearing the boot in the morning and shoes in the afternoon. What was nice is that I had PT this afternoon so I could gauge how it was feeling during my session and see if there was any swelling which was thankfully minimal. I was also given a script for an ankle brace to provide support in shoes which has helped my conscience when walking without the boot. Really noticed a ramp up in intensity today during PT which they said would happen when I got flat and in the brace which I loved. My main accomplishment was being able to balance for 30 seconds 3 times on the injured foot. Was actually sweating today in PT which made it feel worthwhile! My next appointment with the doc won’t be for 2 months so PT and home exercises is where I will be making progress. PT doesn’t want me golfing yet without the boot until I can successfully do a single leg heel raise on the injured foot (YIKES!) Strength seems to be getting each week and walking around the house without any assistance has started to become common place. Fingers crossed to continued progress! Hope all other recoveries are going well too!

7/8 week post

Hello all,

Quick check in with my 8 week post. Didn’t do one for 7 weeks bc nothing major to post. I’m currently two weeks through PT and FWB in the boot until next weds when I go see the doc. In my previous visit, he said I could move in to two shoes next visit so I’m hoping that’s still the case. PT has started slower than what I’m used to be doing in a gym setting. They are being cautious with the protocol until I get to flat in the boot next week. Been doing some good stretching, massage, and light theraband exercises as they just gave me one to take home as well. They are very happy with how far along I am and how well the scar is healing. I have been back to work 3 weeks now and aside from some pretty healthy heel pain towards the end of the day, it’s been going well. I’ve all but ditched the scooter unless my heel is hurting and have completely ditched the crutches. I’m able to walk in the boot good amounts without any pain or swelling which has been a blessing with a daughter that wants to play outside all the time! Anxious to start to ween off the boot in the next couple week and ramping up PT. That should also mean back on the golf course  soon as well!

More on the golf, I’m comfortably putting, chipping in the yard and hitting full wedge shots in to my cul-de-sac with foam balls and my boot on. Think I may try the range in the next week as well. Feels good to hit some shots with zero pain. Goal is still to go on our yearly golf trip in June!

6 Week Update

Hello all. Checking in with my 6 week post op post. A lot has happened just since last week! I was cleared to go back to work this past Monday and the adjustment with wearing the boot and using the scooter or crutches at my job has been challenging but satisfying. I feel in the last 4 days of work, I’ve starting to feel a sense of normalcy to my life that I had before the injury.

Being in the boot now for over a week, I can successfully weight bear completely on my injured foot (doctor said to weight bear as tolerable). Obviously I am not doing this all day but my job requires quite a bit of walking so Id be lying to say if I don’t take some steps without the crutches or scooter. I feel that if I have my doctors blessing, am not overdoing it, and am not having pain that this is a step in the right direction. I  try to let my foot out of the boot during lunch time to let it breathe and air out. I also take this 30 minutes or so to do some ROM exercises to the foot doesn’t get too stiff. When I get home, swelling is at a minimum, but I still elevate as much as possible and ice at least once a night And continue with light ROM exercises. The only complaint I’m having is that my foot at times (not just around the scar) is hot! I’m not having pain and it’s not swollen but it feels like when you have a sunburn somewhere you forgot to put lotion on at the beach. When it’s hot like this it also is redder then my other foot. Anyone else had this experience?

I start PT next weds and am anxious to get going. My PT place also has water therapy available which I’m interested in exploring.  I also believe they are taking a wedge out of the boot to go from 20 down to 10 degrees.  In three weeks, I go back to see my doctor and he said as long as everything is kosher (fingers crossed)  that the adjustment in to two shoes can start!

Overall, my main concern is to keep telling myself not to overdo things.  I’m remaining positive and sticking to the protocol which is working but it’s hard not to want to speed things up.  STAY THE COURSE MAN!

5 Week Post Op

Today marks the 5 week mark since my right Achilles surgery. I went to the doc yesterday and the hard cast was taken off after 3 weeks. What a relief! As flexible as I felt like my foot was in the cast, it’s crazy how stiff and tight everything  was. He said everything was healing great and I was fitted in my boot at 20 degrees and told I can do weight bearing as much as tolerable. As much as I want to start going, I keep telling myself to take it slowly bc I’m having a lot of heel pain if I put too much weight on the foot or try not to use my crutches. I was given the all clear to go back to my sales job Monday too with the help of a scooter which was also a relief. I’m all but done entertaining myself on the couch all day!

I was wondering if any of you have had success with any at home exercises at this stage of the recovery as I don’t start PT for two more weeks? I got some great exercises from blogger Proaicer here: http://achillesblog.com/files/2008/03/achilles_tendon_rupture_mass_gen.pdf but was wondering if anything else has worked? Again nothing too strenuous, but enough where I feel like I’m helping the foot and tendon. Is it too early for a light theraband do you think?

I was also wondering when it’s ok to be without the boot. The doc said I need it anytime I’m active but what about the house when I’m just sitting around? Am I doing any harm letting the foot breathe with it elevevated which is a majority of the time until I go back to work Monday? It’s nice to have it off,  but I don’t want to set myself back if it’s doing harm. I obviously know to wear it the boot at all times other than that and am very careful when I don’t have it on. Any suggestions/experiences are much appreciated!

As for golf, I did some light putting on my putting surface in the basement without crutches and just my boot on last night! That sure was fun. I obviously was mindful of my injured foot and had more weight on the opposite foot but it was great to be able to get in a putting stance and roll some. Hopefully I can Get more comfortable with WB and do some careful chipping in the yard in about a week.

4 week post op

Hey all,

Thanks for all the comments on my first post! Good to know there are some other golfers in the same boat as me (well not good but you know what I mean). Just a quick update on 4 weeks post surgery.  Not much has changed since my first post except that it really feels like my foot is doing better. I feel that the few exercises I can do with the cast on on progressing nicely and am ready for the boot next weds when I go to the doc.  Errands on crutches or the scooter are become my easier too. Hopefully doc gives good news like some weight bearing and clearing me to go back to work the 25th! I’ll update next Thursday.

Ross’ first post

Hello all. This is my first post to achillesblog.com. I am currently 3 weeks in to a full right ATR surgery.  Injured the Achilles March 5 playing in my weekly basketball game and didn’t have my surgery until St Patrick’s day the 17th. The distance between injury and surgery is due to me thinking I just sprained my foot again. After a week and a half of walking flat footed, I knew something was wrong. Never thought at 30 I could rupture my Achilles but after reading a lot of blogs it seems common. Days are being spent with the foot elevated, reading books, and watching sports. Thank goodness for March Madness and the Masters! I’m a very active person so the adjustment has been a struggle. I have to remind my self that rest and immobilization is the best treatment right now.

As far as treatment, I was in a splint for a week and half and am now in a bright orange cast (favorite color).  I got back to the doc on the 20th and will start PWB in a boot. I’m very much looking forward to getting out of the cast.  I’ve had very minimal pain which has been a blessing so I’m remaining positive that I can continue to progress each week. My goal if everything goes perfect is to go on our yearly golf trip in the middle of June. It would be 12 weeks post surgery so I’m keeping my fingers crossed! Anyone else have any success stories for that time frame to be back golfing?