week 8 - boot off

On my week 6 appointment I got my boot stop reset to 0 degrees (flat-foot) and my fortnight running from week 6 to week 8 was one of small improvements and getting more confident taking my boot off, much to the annoyance of my wife who thought I should be keeping it on as much as possible. I did ask the consultant at week 6 about driving and taking the boot off at night but he said I shouldn’t do either - so I didn’t.

Taking my boot of during this period was like regressing about 3 weeks, i.e. it felt like it did whith my boot on 3 weeks ago.

At the week 8 consultation the consultant removed my boot and poked around. streaching my foot up inline witth the other he seemed very pleased and announced I had the same movement as my good foot. Told me to take it easy not to run for another 4 months an not to do any athletic exercise for 2 months (I didn’t tell him I’m still hoping to ski in 7 weeks time). It was then onto my first Physio Therapy session 2 days later.

After examination my physio again said I had excellent movement and predicts an “excellent outcome” for me which is very encouraging. She did ask about my hobbies sports etc, and on metioning skiing asked if I was planning to ski this season. When I replied that I was hoping to do so in 7 weeks she didn’t react with a complete “don’t be silly” that I thought she might instead just rolled her eyes and said “be careful”.

I’ve now got all my streaches and exercises to do - ordered my “sitfit” balance cusion and am now studiously going through the exercises I can.

It’s odd but I think I can actually tell the difference with just two days of exercising!

Two days down and 47 more untill skiing!

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  1. Good luck, Ross, keep going, and Watch Your Step!

    When I had a Whistler trip planned during my first ATR rehab (I’d already sent my wife alone to our first timeshare week), I discussed it with my “conservative” OS. (He’d already kept me in a cast an extra week because HE was in Aspen!!)

    He said “SURE you should go to Whistler in March! Bring some books, find a nice chair, get a drink back, and your wife will tell you about the skiing at the end of the day.” I booked the trip, initially without the 6-day lift package. The travel folks said I could add it in, with 3 days notice. So 3 days before takeoff, I put on “that” ski boot and snapped it into a ski after adjusting the heel release down to DIN 0, and pushed my knee forward and snapped out. Felt fine. Cranked it up a little and tried again, no problem. The 3rd or 4th time I was up around DIN 3-4 (vs. 7 on the other one), so I booked the lift tickets and skied.
    When I got back, I saw my OS again. I said “So I went to Whistler!” He said “And you walked and sat and did tourist things?” “No, I skiied.” “So you stayed on the blue groomed runs?” “No, I skied the ungroomed black runs I usually ski in Whistler.” “Oh well, your leg was probably safer on the slopes than walking around the village.” That was kind of the first true thing the SOB said to me on the subject, and he only said that AFTER I got BACK!! Grrrrr.
    After my second ATR, non-op, I don’t remember asking anybody’s advice. I skipped the January timeshare again (~8 weeks post-non-op), then did the same tests in the bindings before the March timeshare, and skied wherever I wanted to, total blast, no problem, starting 17 weeks post-non-op.
    Had a minor edge slip on one big ungroomed black bowl that turned into a long tumbling “yard sale”, no problem — EXCEPT that it looked like I was going to have to climb WAY up in the deep steep to retreive my skis!! Fortunately a lovely Japanese gentleman skied over to my skis, stuck them together, cradled them in his arms, slid them down to me and put them in my HANDS! Oh thank you, thank you, THANK you!!

    And BTW, after I had a heart-valve replaced a year after that ATR (on Dec. 1), I wondered if I could use our January timeshare, maybe 11 weeks after my heart surgery. That time I asked EVERYBODY, and I got 3 totally different answers! My Cardiologist said I was crazy, mostly because I was still on Warfarin so extra-susceptible to bleeding. (I bought a helmet.) My GP said “It should be OK if you take it easy and stay on the groomed slopes.” And my heart surgeon said “Sure, have fun!” I skied with a heart-monitor (padded in case I fell on it) and a helmet. Had to stop more often than usual and waited longer, ’til my HR dropped back to ~120. And my one short trip to the ungroomed steep deeps was WAY slow, so I did stay on the groomed that week. Got back on the deeps in March, though! And heading back again soon, too! :-)

  2. OK, the ski week was EIGHT weeks after my heart surgery! Heading for more coffee now, before I do any more math!

  3. How different our Ortho specialists must be!

    I’m coming up on my 8 week follow up tomorrow, and still in 20° elevation in the boot, and (supposed to be) using two crutches for pwb.

    Tomorrow, he’s supposed to tell me to cut back to one crutch - haven’t been using any for awhile now. Hoping to get my heel lowered too.

  4. Hi Ross,

    Sounds good.

    I can’t wait to go skiing, but I assume that would require a lot of ankle and foot strength, and a lot of PF\DF, so be careful.

    JANIS, talk to your OS about slowly removing those wedges. I assume you started a 30 PF, and worked your way down to 20. Most people go down one every week or quicker, but check with your Ortho.

    At 8 weeks, I FWB and moving toward 2 shoes.

    Also realize that these guys are billable, and work at different hospitals, so the more they can see you, the better.

    Good luck

  5. Will do, Ron! I know it feels fine flat on the floor.

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