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With my last Posting (1 week on…) I have managed to bring my achilles blog up to date.

Everyrthing following shoul be more as and when it happens. The twitching, pulsing and throbing is still happening in my calf but I’m putting that down to the mending process.

I’m really hoping my consultant will listen to my request for an early weight-bearing protocol, because if he doesn’t I’ll have to go down the route of a second opinion, and knowing the NHS that won’t be a quick process. I know its another 5 days ’til my appointment but because I’m at work, it already feels like I’m half way through the week.
I think working is probably a good way of keeping your mind occupied and off the negative points of the ATR,  so I’m luck i can actuall do my job sitting down with my leg up.

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  1. Hi Ross, those calf twitches are somewhat unnerving, I think I had them for about the first 10 days. Hope your consultant is pro early weight bearing. Am going to be brave and introduce my surgeon to my Vacoped and my FWB self tomorrow, he’s expecting me on crutches! Go gently. Jen

  2. Hi Ross, that is normal and will subside. Regarding expediting your protocol, that is up to you. Keep in mind that wherever you are when you start PT, that’s where you will start. However, most of us have looked at various protocols and picked a course.

    Since you will have to do most of the work on your own, anyway, why not start now. In order to get to PWB or FWB, you must start your ROM work NOW. I started at 2 weeks and when PWB at 4, etc. Here is a link to my protocol with exercise links. It has a lot of protocols on it as well that you can view, print, etc. I also have a template, Norm’s favorite Protocol, etc.

    LINK: http://achillesblog.com/pgat2013/2013/11/04/here-is-my-conceptual-living-protocol-in-pdf-formatseeking-advice-word-template-avail/

    Good luck and Patient Move Forward.

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