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Wednesday 27th November 2014
I had a previously arranged meeting with an important supplier for a project I am working on (I’m a process engineer), with some of the personnell attending flying in from the continent to be there.
With no actual instructions from my medical team to “rest and put my leg up”, obliging colleagues who lives near-by, and a company willing to help by moving my desk to the ground floor, I arranged to go back into work 3 days after my ATR and made the meeting I was not wanting to miss.

In some ways I’m quite lucky to have an inactive job, it’s basically desk bound with occasional visits to client sites. looks like I’ll be getting other engineers to visit our clients for a while at least. I’m able to  get a lift into work with colleagues (Thanks Dan & Amy) and sit doing my job at a computer with my leg up on a bucket under my new ground floor desk. It means I’m not getting bored with awful day-time television during my recouperation, however at this stage I was still wondering if I could try and shorten my recovery period by going down the surgical route……….

… this end I decided to give an ex-colleague a ring, he’d recently retired from the company but just before doing so had gone through a non-op ATR recovery. In the very least he’d offer a symathetic year. Talking to him gave me the push not to be more pro-active about my recovery and treatment. He basically said he wished he’d gone down the surgical route as he still didn’t have full power in his left leg, and recalled other people he’d spoken to  who said the same. He also told me about a website called “” where there was loads of info and advice, probably the best piece of info anyone has given me.

That afternoon I phoned my GP (family doctor) to see if she could advise me on what I should be doing, and other options.  In true  GP fashion I couldn’t speak to her until the next day. I arranged for her to call my desk at work around 10:00, and settled down to look at the website. My mate was right it was (and is) a great source of information, and I even went as far as posting some comments on the UK section  as I was starting to feel like this was something I could embrace and possibly glean some good info off the support my case with the GP.

Thurday 28th November 2014
11:00 GP eventualy phones through to discuss my issues. To cut a long story short her advice is to speak with my consultant again with my issues and questions, however if I don’t get any satisfaction with hime to ring back and she can refer me for a “second opinion”.

In the mean time I’ve sepent a bit of time on the achillesblog, and have realise that there is another option available with the “accelerated non-surgical” route, and this is sounding more and more appealing to me, I’m still hoping to get out on the pistes at 15 weeks!
I decide to be not too hasty, the hospital had already mentioned that it’ll be a week before the consultant even gets my ultrasound report, so this gives me some time for more investigation before getting back to my consultant.

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  1. Hopefully, Norm, Kellygirl and many others will chime in here. They know a lot about the options.

    Good luck,

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