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Mar 13 2008

One Week Post Op

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Well one week post op….Have my follow  up in one week and based on research, my experiences, and my surgeon we are going to follow the weight bearing protocol.  So my hope is that the incision has healed to the point that I can get started.

Surgery was on Thursday the 6th and went back to work on the 10th.  Hired another chiropractor to help me with patients as I hopped on one foot adjusting patients.  Very fortunate to have the roll-about.  Took off the 11th and back to work on the 12th.  Full day of me rolling along, seeing patients, resting with leg up on desk, napping at lunch, doing paperwork and finally coming to the realization that “Just Do It” turned into “Can’t Do It”…so off for Thursday and Friday.   So frustrating but have to practice what I preach..Give your body time to heal so you can get better faster.   So back to the couch.

The next few days I will be trying to set some goals and actually accomplish something.

Things to do:

Golf season….Are there any exercises/drills to do to improve my game?

Working Out…. exercising means sweating which means more baths…is it worth it as taking a bath is a hell of a work out??

Hobby….Find something new to do….researching ATR, sudoku, TV, computer, reading…Is there something else out there?

Office…Obviously need to find an associate to work with me….hiring, training, protocols….

Blogging….amazing how this helps, never would have thought but the (mostly) guys have been great and I wish would could have an ATR seminar…somewhere exotic

Well kids are up and ready to go to school.  So need to throw some loving their way as they go tackle the world that I can’t.

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