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Oct 19 2008

7 months and back on the court

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Well….its been 7.5 months, feeling great, running, no pain so……..Back to the racquetball court.  Went slow, had some fun showing off the scar and then it was back to normal.  No after affects just an overall achiness but felt great the next day.

Have been pushing myself with exercises.  The only thing I can report is that the medial gastroc really lags behind with respect to strength gains and therefore definition.  I have been following the “maximum calves” exercise protocol for 6 weeks and although stronger, able to do a calf raise I’m not seeing as much bulk there. 

Overall I’m happy, back to real life, the ankle is not holding me back from doing anything although I’m cautious.  I know the tendon still has a few more months before completely healing but its still nice to be out and about. 

So to those behind me…keep on exercising, pushing and don’t let the bads get you down for time heals both physically as well as mentally.

We are one day closer to the end.

Doc Ross

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