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Aug 03 2008

5 Months Post Op………1 leg calf raise..about time

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Hard to believe its 5 months.  Feel as though everything has been going better than expected.  No pain, no swelling, no limp.  Measured my calves, ATR 15 7/8      Non-ATR 16 5/8   Just under an inch difference which explains no stamina with running and muscle ache with long distance biking.  Can finally do a ATR calf raise, albeit not very high as compared to my Non ATR but its up.  Just need more time.

Now I don’t feel as though my constant thoughts are on my leg.  Doing everything I want and concentrating when on hills and wet surfaces.  Golfing, riding, running and sticking with the game plan.  Hard to do at times but setting a goal of returning to competetive racquetball by January is important.  Actually trying to find an off road tri to do also.  Anything to keep me motivated.

Here are recent pictures of my leg.  Incision, 2 legged lift and one leg lift.  Not pretty but thats what I have to work with.  Reading your posts regularly but it appears that everyone is taking very good care of each other.  I am always available to answer questions as my back ground affords me information that not everyone is privy too.

Curious if anyone past 5 months notices that the medial gastroc is less developed and seems to lag behind the lateral head???  Wondering if that is an individual component of surgery or a genereal consensus.  Appreciate your insight.

Thanks to Dennis for the site, his hard work and T-shirt.  I’ll post an action picture to add to the gallery.

Doc Ross


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