Mar 09 2008


Published by ross at 6:41 pm under Hygiene

First shower post op…what an ordeal…Chair in the shower, wife laughing at me, ankle bagged, and I’mclean but exhausted.  Thought I was in good shape but that took a lot of energy.  I don’t if I want to be clean during this ordeal. 

 Sponge baths are looking better.  and possibly more fun if you catch my drift….LOL

Tomorrow I’m of to the MD for post op..

One Response to “Showertime”

  1. brendanon 09 Mar 2008 at 8:46 pm

    Thanks for the laugh Ross…got a good visual there..LOL

    I still haven’t tried the shower yet…I’m more into the bath with my leg hanging out. My 3 year old gets a kick of it, and she likes to help out..since it’s usaully the other way around! Anytime the kids can act like the’s high times around this house!

    Good luck on your appt.

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