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Mar 27 2008

3 Weeks post op visit

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Off and running….sort of.

Had my 2nd post op visit yesterday.  Took the cast off and received the ‘boot’.  Was amazed at the length of the scar, probably 10 inches long. Will try and get a picture up sometime this weekend.  Was informed that with my rupture the muscle shortened, contracted quite a bit (probably from my intense exercising and huge muscularity..yeah right..LOL) and that it was best to lengthen the gastroc by cutting the aponeurosis surrounding the muscle.  This would help with rehab and future return to sports.  Due to the amount of repair there was still a lot of swelling around the ankle and foot.  I even took off my other shoe and sock so I could compare.  At the office they did some ultrasound and a whirlpool.  The whirlpool primarily to wash off a lot of dead skin.  There was a tightening of the sole of my foot which is the plantar fascia and was told this normal due to the lack of movement.  No pain at all just stiffness.

As for rehab…need to be in the boot and NWB for 2 more weeks.  I can take it off in order to do passive modalities, i.e. ultrasound, laser, massage, ice, e-stim.  I can take showers, get it wet but no weight bearing.  Due to the swelling I need to hold off on swimming, and hot tubs for another week.  There is no chance of infection at this point as the suture is healing well and without openings.  In two weeks I have my followup appointment and barring any complications I can get started with rehab.  As a chiropractor I am fully stocked and even bought some new equipment once I get the go ahead.

Prognosis regarding activity..I should be stable enough for my Grand Canyon week long hike, rafting trip.  That was exciting news.  I and two buddies are leaving mid May for a hike of 9 miles to the river, raft 5 days and helicopter out and then off to Vegas.  So you could imagine my happiness knowing that although weak I should be able to do it.  He informed that PWB/FWB should begin in 2 weeks.  I am shooting to start then in the pool with walking, treading and swimming.

The office has still been a challenge.  If any of you have seen a chiropractor you know that we need our legs to adjust, balance and obviously move about the office.  Our office is busy and I have not been able to adjust and therefore needed to hire another doc for the office.  So for two more weeks I will conitnue to need help.

So that’s my latest.  I am grateful for this site and welcome your comments and questions. Today we’re one day closer to the end.

Doc Ross

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Mar 13 2008

More research

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overview of a lot of articles

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Mar 13 2008

More research

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Bored like me…..well start working out during the casting phase…..on the opposite leg….so get moving…crossover effect of muscles..

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Mar 13 2008

One Week Post Op

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Well one week post op….Have my follow  up in one week and based on research, my experiences, and my surgeon we are going to follow the weight bearing protocol.  So my hope is that the incision has healed to the point that I can get started.

Surgery was on Thursday the 6th and went back to work on the 10th.  Hired another chiropractor to help me with patients as I hopped on one foot adjusting patients.  Very fortunate to have the roll-about.  Took off the 11th and back to work on the 12th.  Full day of me rolling along, seeing patients, resting with leg up on desk, napping at lunch, doing paperwork and finally coming to the realization that “Just Do It” turned into “Can’t Do It”…so off for Thursday and Friday.   So frustrating but have to practice what I preach..Give your body time to heal so you can get better faster.   So back to the couch.

The next few days I will be trying to set some goals and actually accomplish something.

Things to do:

Golf season….Are there any exercises/drills to do to improve my game?

Working Out…. exercising means sweating which means more baths…is it worth it as taking a bath is a hell of a work out??

Hobby….Find something new to do….researching ATR, sudoku, TV, computer, reading…Is there something else out there?

Office…Obviously need to find an associate to work with me….hiring, training, protocols….

Blogging….amazing how this helps, never would have thought but the (mostly) guys have been great and I wish would could have an ATR seminar…somewhere exotic

Well kids are up and ready to go to school.  So need to throw some loving their way as they go tackle the world that I can’t.

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Mar 11 2008

Surgical Options

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Here is a great article on surgical procedures..albeit 10 years old but this is what a lot of MDs subscribe to

Will post more but need to do the bathroom thing…bath, etc…so I’ll be back in about 2 hours….LOL….this sucks..


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Mar 11 2008

Tendon Healing

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tendon healing utilizing laser and E-stim

tendon healing utilizing laser and E-stim

Here is one on using Pulsed Ultrasound
using Pulsed Ultrasound

Immediate post op weight bearing….(goes against my opinion but ….)

Immediate post op weight bearing

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Mar 11 2008

First Post Op

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4  days post op….

Was driven by a friend as my wife needed to work.  Taking off the splint and dressing was very relieving.  Was amazed at the relief and was able to say Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.  but then reality set in, scar is long from heel up to mid calf, leg was swollen, yellow, and then was able to say……Whoaaaaaaaaaa…asked the typical post op questions and then time for the cast..chose black to match my mood…LOL…

the hardest part was that the surgeon wanted to get my ankle to 90 degrees so he bent it, leaned on it while the cast hardened…OUCH…based on my research this would best for the long term.  Problem with rehab is not strengthening the muscles but getting full range of motion and flexibility.  This helps address that but only time will tell.

I was hoping to get the video of the surgery but he was unable to edit it.  There  were a couple of other procedures on the disc that he needs to remove.  Based on you tube videos I don’t expect anything different other than its my surgery and being a doctor I am very curious.  Plus having observed many surgeries over the years I want to hear the stories, music, jokes made at my expense.  If you have never been to a surgery before it is a very unique experience.  Don’t get me wrong everyone is very professional, energetic, but there is lively conversation and music to break up the seriousness of the situation.

After, I was driven to work, no patients in the morning but I planned on seeing patients in the afternoon…NOT…no way…to tired, sore, and pissed off…not in a good attitude to take of patients…time to scramble, find someone to help adjust patients and let me do the consults, exams and admin work…Was lucky to find someone to help and had a great night working with him and having patients  ask me questions and giving me their love and best wishes.

I was able to acquire a roll-about to get around.  Basically a wheel chair for my leg.  I will try and upload a picture of it.  Definitely a life saver, I was able to wheel around the office, non-weight bearing,  like I was on a skate board.  Patients laughing, actually had a patient that customizes cars ask if I wanted some rims, spinners and a custom paint job.  Everyone was amazed that I was there, and I think pretty appreciative of me doing my best for them.

This is getting pretty long so I’ll gather my thoughts and write later in the day.  thanks to all that have commented and responded.


Doc Ross

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Mar 09 2008


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First shower post op…what an ordeal…Chair in the shower, wife laughing at me, ankle bagged, and I’mclean but exhausted.  Thought I was in good shape but that took a lot of energy.  I don’t if I want to be clean during this ordeal. 

 Sponge baths are looking better.  and possibly more fun if you catch my drift….LOL

Tomorrow I’m of to the MD for post op..

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Mar 09 2008


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Well had a good night sleep…Will try and take a shower today…Funny how the little things become so difficult and how we take things for granted.  Knowing that this is temporary helps and makes me appreciate how lucky we are.  I am coming to realize that I am not invinicible  and that returning to work, travel will have to be put on hold.  Being in solo practice will make this hard on me, patients and staff….although I know they will enjoy the time to catch up on paperwork. 

The time off will allow me to focus on the future, goals, and changes both personally and professionally.

Never saw the reason to ‘blog’ but realizing its just a way to vent, think, and find others going thru similar problems.  Will write on my physical state just as soon as I figure out how the day is going..Off to the surgeon for my post op just trying to figure out if I can drive by myself…any thoughts on this..



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Mar 08 2008

Hello world!

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