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Sorry it’s been so long…

But when you can move again, boy howdy, do you move! Aside from finishing my Fitness Technology certificate and having a great summer internship at a whole-body gym, I am now a nationally-insured,  ACSM certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor. I have two work sites I’m instructing at and a third job as a smoothie maven in a gym. Life is great. My leg still hurts, almost constantly, but its a different kind of pain and dwindles with time. The muscles are almost as large on my 3x rupture leg as the other one!!! After only eight months!!!!! I can hop, jog and even cycle for thirty miles without grief! It’s wonderful to feel my life back in my hands again, though I am incredibly grateful to those who held it in their hands for those long, grueling 14 months. Though physically and emotionally, I suffered for a long time, I am now in a wonderful place, existentially speaking. I wish you all the same!

3 Responses to “Sorry it’s been so long…”

  1. jenniferanderson Says:

    My anti spam word was endurance. I love that, because you have gone through so much and look at you now! I am almost at 6 months but no running or hopping for me yet. I am getting stronger everyday though and your post gives me hope. Congrats!!

  2. doryt Says:

    Hi Rose,
    I was digging around the other day to see if you had a recent post to see how you are doing. And there you are today! So very cool that you have your certs! Sorry to hear you have some pain still. God knows why I have not had any pain the entire time. I still limp sometimes when I am tired. Just waiting for that one day that I wake up and don’t think about my AT. takes me 15-30 minutes of stretching every morning til I am walking with good form. Good luck with your certs and hope you build a big client base.

  3. hyperhidrosis Says:

    Wow congratulations! I almost got teary eyed going through your first post. Well done on your personal trainer achievements.

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